Kids’ Book Review Template

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The girls in Pip Squeak’s class, decided to start a Kids’ Book Club! So to help guide their club and their Book Club meetings, I thought a simple Book Review Template would help them!

Not just ANY book review template.. but a Book Review Mini Notebook!!! The girls adore making any sort of DIY School Supplies.. so this felt like a much needed resource!

Book Review Mini Books

To make your Book Reviews Mini Books, you will need:

We also have a FREE simple one page sheet you can print and use, if you do not wish to pay for the booklet! Enjoy!

The printable is available in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Store! Think of it as buying me a cup of coffee or adding a little to my tip jar! Having said that, you can still make these mini notebooks from PLAIN paper and add your own headings. I am sure the kids would enjoy that too!

A FREE VERSION is available here.

How to make your book review mini books:

The video shared in this post, shows you how to make a basic mini notebook from one sheet of paper. I then go on to decorate it with cute Kawaii School Supplies designs. The process for making the book is the same as with this template. You just need to cut the basic shape out first!

Print of the templates

Cut out the outline for your mini book.

Fold length ways. Open up again.

Fold across the width. Fold in half again – easiest if you fold it as flaps – each side alternatively.

how to make a mini notebook

Now open up. Fold across just the middle with and this time cut across the dashed line.

Open up again.

Refold length wise.

how to make a mini notebook

Push the ends together, to make the cut section “pop up”. Fold in place. And finished!

Book review template

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