Kids Crafts: 3 Kings

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Yes… that is right, Easter has barely gone and “already” we are making Three Wise Men! Well and a king and a queen and a princess… I think Easter and the Easter story brought Christmas back to front of mind and Red Ted asked if we could make some King. I am not sure of his train of thought, but he saw some Loo Rolls, wanted to make men and then ended up at the Three Wise Men. Pip Squeak of course wanted a princess. So kings, queens and princesses we made! We have more wonderful Three Kings Day Crafts for you to check out!

3 Kings for Kids

Materials: TP Rolls, paint for faces and crowns (we used acrylics – if you don’t have gold paint, you could use tin foil and make silver crowns?), fabric scraps of royal quality, googly eyes, pens and wool left overs for hair. Felt. PVA glue. Gems (optional)

But use what materials you have to hand – you can also make hare from strips of black paper or cotton wool

Cardboard Tube Kings Painting

1) The kids painted – we painted various “king face colours” and some queens. We also painted 2 loo rolls all golden to later cut down to crowns.

Three Kings Crafts

2) Whilst the loo rolls were drying, we went to our fabric stash to look for suitable clothes. Red Ted decided he wanted to model his three kings on the three kings from our Nativity playmobil set.

3) Glue on your clothes.

4) Create the hair – we cut strands  of wool, and draped it over the loo roll with lots of glue. One of the wise men has  a beard and white made from felt and one is bald!

TP Roll Princess and queen

5) Finally, we cute the crowns out of the golden loo rolls and glue them on. Once it was all dry the kids added stick gems. Red Ted stuck to the same colour gem all the way round, whilst Pip Squeak opted for “more is more” and used all the colours and shapes possible.

TP Roll People Play


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