Kids Crafts: Clothes Pins Pirates

This post was meant to go live NEXT week (oops)… Please find the Kids Get Crafty linky on the Solar System Post!

Peg peopleWelcome back to kids crafts and our clothespins pirates! We have been meaning to make peg dolls for a long long time.. there really are so many crafts out there, that we simply don’t get around to… but finally we did make some peg people! I was working on some peg dolls for my craft book coming out next year… when Red Ted got inspired… there was no stopping him and he made 3 sparkly clothes pin pirates in one go! Pip Squeak also joined in and made a beautiful golden peg mummy in no time. The sparkle bit came in a moment of inspiration Zing Zing Tree sent me some of her beautiful glitter (this glitter is beyond gorgeous – super fine and just lovely.. makes me want to craft and craft) and sequiny bits (the kids couldn’t get enough of these) and pieces to enjoy and the kids just went crafty mad. They had such a lovely time.

peg dolls

(PS in case you didn’t know, they are pirates, as they have stripy shirts on, yes, that is how to tell it is a pirate!)

Materials: Traditional Clothes Pins, Pens (or paint), something to decorate with (fabric scraps, felt, paper, we used glitter and sequins), glue

Thank you, to Zing Zing Tree for sending us such gorgeous confetti and even more delicious glitter. We all took one look at it and HAD to get crafty straight away! I think it made our clothe spin people even more special!

I love how Red Ted is managing to do more and more by himself. I help with the eyes and mouth (he insisted) and applied the glue for the children (they told me where to put it). They did the rest.

clothespin dolls

1) Get your clothes pins. Get decorating. Red Ted chose to draw on stripes (having seen my pirate) and Pip Squeak chose to paint her peg golden (having seen some of my left over golden plate on the table)

clothespin dolls

2) We then covered the heads in a dollop of glue and dipped them in the glitter. Finally adding sequence to the body.

 clothes pins peg people

3) Then we started playing……

pirate clothes pins

How about a pirate ship and a kidnapped maiden?

clothes pins

Who then land on a treasure island….

peg toys

peg people play

Who then…. over to the kids…

This post was meant to go live NEXT week… Please find the Kids Get Crafty linky on the Solar System Post! Do hop over an share all your kids crafts and especially your clothe spin crafts there!!

Disclaimer – Zing Zing Tree sent me some glitter and sequency bits, but I was under no obligation to write about these or tell you about it. But they are LOVELY. Really, they are. And they made me feel all creative!