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As some of you know, I love love love crafting with cardboard tubes – also known as “loo rolls” here in the UK and have a great selection of Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for kids for you to browse – 12 of which I am sharing here with you today! It is one of those materials that “everyone has”, is free and is there in abundance. So I thought I would do a quick round up of Loo Roll crafts you can find here on Red Ted Art! Long live the loo roll!

cardboard tube roll

Cardboard Tube Crafts for Kids

These simple toilet roll watches go back to my very early days of running this website! We had a little time to kill (see what I did there) and came up with this super quick and easy toilet paper roll watch! So fun. Why not add some split pins and add some hour and minute hands? Then you can make them move and help your little ones learn to read time!

toilet paper crowns

A fun little Toilet Paper Roll Crown – these are super cute and easy to make. They are a great party craft, can be used as fascinators, for your teddy bears or popped on top of any other cardboard tube person you make!

finished paper tube robot

Cute little Paper Roll Robot – a fun craft that always makes me smile! And certainly takes me back to when my kids were little!

toilet roll zoo

We have two versions of a toilet roll zoo! Here is the Toilet Roll Zoo based on the book “Who is Hiding”. This was super fun to create for the kids.. later we had another go together:

This set included a simple little Zoo Keeper too!

toilet roll monsters

We also made some super Easy Toilet Roll Monsters! They are great craft for young children as there is no “right and wrong” and they can simply have fun exploring shapes, colours and any craft supplies you may want to use up!

toilet roll castle

My son called this the “Paper Roll Castles & Men” craft, because.. well because it is just that! The toilet roll people were super fun and easy to make and then we created a simple castle to go with it. This was MUCH played with for quite a while.


Marionettes or Dancing Toilet Roll Marionettes. Again, there have been a few! From the original dancing giraffe puppets, to the Autumn Birds and then later the long cardboard tube dog marionette… we also have a Toilet Roll dragon puppet to add, as well as unicorn puppet! Toilet Rolls really are fun!

  From the very first simple “seed” owl, we revisiting the toilet paper owl several times over the years. Incluing yarn wrapped gift box owls and Valentines Owls!

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We love you, TP roll!