Kids Crafts: Easy Pom Pom Bunnies

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We ADORE making pom poms. Here is a super simple way of making pom poms with young kids. We do have an extensive list of How to make a pom pom technique here for you to browse too! We have may more Pom Pom Crafts & Ideas for you to check out too!

Easter Bunny Pom Poms

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to make pom poms with the kids for absolutely ages. I wasn’t sure when they would have the dexterity to do it. So, when I saw the fun “fork poms poms” making the internet rounds, I thought the same principle could be applied to a piece of card and thus make for really easy pom poms for the kids to manage. Well, Red Ted (almost 5yrs) JUST about managed, with a little help. And Pip Squeak (3yrs).. well.. she just played with the bunnies I had already made. So. Do make these if you have younger kids, but expect to help them (which I think is totally fine by the way!).

Bunny Pom Poms

Materials: wool, piece of flexible card, nail scissors 

Bunny details: felt, PVA and googly eyes

Easy Pom Pom

1) Cut a rectangle from your card – remember you Pom Pom will be approximately double the width of your card. We used one approx 1.5cm wide. Then cut a strip of wool to length ways across the card. You will need it later to tie your Pom Pom. Take your ball of wool and start wrapping.

Pom Poms for kids

2) Red Ted (almost 5yrs) managed it quite well, though got into a bit of a muddle towards the end of the length. Pip Squeak (3yrs) didn’t get the hang of it, but we will try again! Wrap it round until you have about 3-5 layers of wool.

Easy pom pom making

3) Take the piece of wool that went length wise earlier and tie it as TIGHT as you possibly can.

Pom Pom Crafts

4) Snip the OPPOSITE end with a pair of scissors. We have  a pair of nail scissors that we use for crafting. I did this for the children.

Once all snipped. I found it best to add ANOTHER piece of wool around the center of the PomPom to make sure that it is really tight.


5) Trim your pom pom to make it nice an even.

Bunny PomPom for kids

6) Decorate to make a bunny. Above shows the shapes we cut out of felt and with lots PVA we glued them all on and let dry. DONE!

Easter Bunny


Be sure not to forget your cute pom pom bunny’s tail!

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Enjoy your pom pom making!!!