Kids Crafts: Walnut Crafts & Link Up Party

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walnut craftsAha. Walnut Babies? But didn’t I do a post about this a few days ago.. yes yes yes! I did! But we are very busy here in Red Ted HQ and we had an “extra craft” on Saturday (i.e. Walnut Babies) and ANOTHER extra craft on Monday (The Christmas Cards). And I am afraid we are busy having Advent Calendar fun.. so I hope you don’t mind, if you just “revisit” the Walnut Babies from a few days ago… I would normally have posted them today. If that make sense…. And I “have” to post today, so that you can share your crafts on the linky…

What have you been making?

walnut crafts

What do you think? Aren’t they cute? Click on Walnut Babies to see how we made them.

Like walnut crafts? How about some more:

walnuss maus walnut boat

Walnut Mouse Racing or some Walnut Boats?

For more Kid’s Craft ideas, click here for a full list.

If you have been crafty with your kid’s be it at home, in the kitchen or outdoors, I would love for you to link up: