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Hello! Welcome back to an oldier but goldie Christmas Crafts post! It is one of our super simple crafts to get little ones involved in making some Christmas Trees for a fun Christmas Garland. If Christmas Tree Crafts are your thing, you HAVE To check out our complete Christmas Tree Crafts resource here too:

Christmas Tree Crafts

Hello, I know that Halloween isn’t even over yet and already here I come with a Christmas Tree card for children to make, but this was one of those crafts that “happened” by itself and I decided to post it now (rather than wait 2-3weeks) share it with you. It “happened”, as a) Red Ted was given some sequins as part of a goodie bag and b) we Red Ted randomly pulled out a “The Night before Christmas”. These are SO easy to make and are so pretty, you will be wanting to make 100s (ok, maybe not quite a hundreds). So maybe “early” is ok? You can use these as a stand alone card (a bit like a postcard), a christmas tree ornament, a christmas garland (attach to a string/ ribbon) or stick it on a card to send to family! We have LOTS more Christmas Cards for Kids and Tots to make. Do take a look and browse.

I then went on to make some of these trees with one of Red Ted’s friends who was visiting and am planning to make some at the German Playgroup too… so they really are kiddie friendly and suitable for different age groups!

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Frist our Christmas (Tree) Book

Night Before Christmas, The The Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore and Gyo Fujikawa

Clemence C Moore wrote a classic “Christmas Poem”, showing the arrival of a rather cute father Christmas. We are shown a quiet house, with all children tucked up in bed, dreaming of sweet treats. Then, father hears something outside… we meet the 8 reindeer (learning all the names) and Father Christmas himself, squeezing in through the chimney. I love this particular version of The Night Before Christmas, as Fujikawa’s drawings are very 50/60s traditional American drawings – cherub children sleeping, a glorious Christmas tree and a sparkly eyed Father Christmas. And if Christmas is a time for “traditional”, when is? Red Ted loves looking at all the little details (like the sleeping mouse), though does sometimes loose a little patience with the length of the verse and wants to hurry on i the story and look and more pictures!!

The Craft – Christm Trees – for decor or christmas cards!

Materials: Green card, sequins, glue, scissors, possibly some card to stick final trees on. Instead of sequence, you can of course use self adhesive shapes or little bits of ribbon or metallic string. Anything that would make a tree pretty!

Draw a tree shape (think of 3 overlapping triagles + a stump) and cut out

Handover glue and sticky things

Leave them to it (or let them use your hand as a sticking utensil)

Let dry and either

  1. use as they are,
  2. hole punch a hole for a ribbon for christmas tree ornament or
  3. to attach to a garland or
  4. stick on an folded card to post…

Finished! Enjoy!

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