Kids Get Crafty: Ice Ornaments with Nature Items

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This is SUCH an easy Preschool Craft, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! As the UK experiences what some would say is a “proper winter”, let’s embrace the snow and ice and use it to make some beautiful Ice decorations. The perfect Winter Activity for Preschoolers!

How I wish this was my idea.. but of course it wasn’t! I saw it as part of a discussion over at Mumsnet – Winter Ice Decorations. They are simple and OH SO CUTE: Ice Decorations. A fab, fun, easy, quick craft, that also teaches a tiny bit of science (the whole bit about water freezing).

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These are incredibly easy to make

To make Ice Ornaments you will need:

  • dishes,
  • some bits & pieces* (we had berries, holly, helicopter thingies, a shell and some sticks),
  • some string,
  • water

I think it is lovely to keep these bits and pieces as nature finds from your local walks. Or you can add bird seeds, as food for when the ornaments melt!

How to make Ice Ornaments

1) Fill the dishes with water

2) Add a piece of string (make sure it is properly submerged or nice and long. One of our decorations fell of the tree as the string wasn’t frozen in properly. Not a disaster, we used it for our snowman

3) Place your items in the water – no point faffing too much, as they just float off anyway. In Red Ted’s words though “I like playing with water” and needless to say this was his favourite step

4) Place outside overnight to freeze  (we woke up, to them all being covered in snow)

5) Hang and enjoy!

(and don’t be too sad when the temperatures rise and they all start melting/ dropping off… all part of it!)

Happy Winter Ice Decorations!

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