Valentines Origami Bat – I am Batty About You

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Time for some fun with Origami for Kids this Valentine’s Day! We thought it would be fun to revisit one of our favourites.. and make it seasonal: A Valentines Origami Bat Craft!! A great Paper Valentine’s Day Craft!

Easy Valentine's Origam Bat
Fun with Easy Origami for Kids this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Origami Bat – Materials

  • Square piece of paper in desired Valentine’s colours – 15 x 15cm is nice
  • Scrap paper for decoration
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Glue Stick

Valentine’s Bat Puns for Kids

  • I am BATTY about/ for/ over You
  • You make me BATTY
  • My heart BATS for you

How to make an Origami Bat For Valentine’s Day

We have already shared an Origami Bat How to! The bats are exactly the same, save for that you pick different colours and add some little heart rosy cheeks instead of circular ones. So here I am sharing the Bat How to video again!

You can also follow the written instructions!

Step by Step Paper Bat making instructions:

If you need PRINTABLE worksheet instructions WITH photos. This is available for a modest fee in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store. Perfect for any workshops or classroom crafting! See it as buying me a cup of coffee… or supporting the upkeep of this site!

Or check out the written steps below!

Adorable Valentines Origami Bat Corner Bookmark

Making a paper bat is easy but requires a little attention to symmetry!

  • Fold across the diagonal to create a triangle. Make a neat crease
  • Take the long edge of your triangle and folds up 1.5cm
  • Fold a wing down at 45degree angle (creating a perpendicular), and then back up,making sure the fold back up is in parallel with the original
  • Repeat for the second wing.  The basic origami bat is finished
  • Cut a wave into the wings, and cut a little shape out of the top of the head (thiswill also allow you to use it as a bookmark corner)
  • Decorate with paper eyes, cheeks and add a mouth either in silver or with a darker pen
I am Batty About You – Valentines Origami Bat Card

Would it look adorable stuck to a greeting card? Such a cute and easy Valentine’s Card for Kids to make!

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