Make Fairy Doors and Windows

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We love fairies in our house and fairy crafts have been a long term feature with my kids! As they grew older, the fairy magic continued, when they would write fairy newspapers and make some Halloween Fairy Doors for the local kids. Too cute! Nothing quite like making your own fairy magic.. as this Red Ted Art reader Pam W. did this spring with their little one!

Set of four fairy houses

Aren’t these Fairy House adorable? So cute! I asked Pam if I could share the photos and basic instructions with you and she said yes!

The process essentially is simple – working with what you have. Making it up as you go along, and letting your imagination run wild!

Supplies needed to make these fairy doors:

  • Small pieces of left over wood – or craft sticks (as per our Halloween Fairy Doors)
  • Waterproof paint such as oil paint or gloss enamels (acrylics can peal over time if left exposed)
  • Twigs and piece of fallen bark from the garden/ park (note: don’t damage nature)
  • Any other recycled bits and bobs from around the house (e.g. beads for door knobs)
  • Moss makes a great addition, or if you have little plastic flowers
  • Get creative – e.g. pinecone segments make great door hinges
  • A good Hot Glue Gun
  • String for hanging

Basic Fairy House DIY:

painting fairy doors

If you have small panels of wood, like we did, paint them in the desired colour. If not, you can use popsicle sticks and make your own panels. How Halloween Fairy Houses outline the process. Let dry fully.

painting fairy doors

Now have fun with your embellishments.

Start adding your door frames and door steps with the hot glue gun. Don’t worry about a “perfect fit”, it will look great regardless.

start decorating

Here you can see the pine cone segment door hinges and bead door knob on our first fairy door.

more fairies

Make a little rope ladder so the fairies can reach the fairy doors!

attach the string

Hot glue the string to the back of your fairy doors. And you can leave a lovely message too!

fairy windows

Make the fairy windows the same way – using a little piece of plywood as the backing.

fairy chair

You will find that once you get started you won’t want to stop.. here we made some adorable little fairy furniture!

add a desk

These are modern fairies.. so they needed a computer and some books too!

What lucky fairies! Such a great little set up.

Clearly even an outdoor office needs a plant pot and fairy door!

Inspired? I hope so! Do have a go.

A big thank you to Pam and her daughter for making these wonderful fairy doors and sharing this craft with us!! So LOVELY!! Woohoo!

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