Mermaid Craft for Kids with Sugru

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So.. have you heard of Sugru before? It is moldable putty, that is super strong and air dries… it is great for “fixing stuff” but also for “making stuff” (in fact, we have some great Sugru Hacks for you to browse! My kids are rather in love with their Playmobil Coat hooks!). Since we last shared information about Sugru with you, Sugru has been redeveloped to be suitable for children to use too – read about the Family Friendly Formula here. Which is fabulous, as my kids have been DYING to use it.

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Sugru challenged us to have another go at using it.. and when they asked, I knew EXACTLY what we wanted to make with it… we wanted to fix our Polly Pocket dolls…… They are always breaking (gah).. as they are much loved! Sugru is great to “just fix them”. But this time.. I thought we could TRANSFORM our dolls. Check these out:

From broken toy to MERMAIDS!! We had the idea, as my daughter loves to play with her Polly Pockets in the bath.. and since we made these easy mermaids.. she plays with them at every bath time. PERFECT!!!! So happy with this Sugru Toy Hack!

To make your DIY Mermaid Dolls you will need –

  • Sugru – remember you can “colour mix your Sugru”, so don’t fret if they don’t have the colours you need, go to your colour wheel and make your own (a great colour STEAM activity!!)
    • You can get Sugru online here US/ UK (affiliate links)
  • Your broken toy that needs fixing! (you can make any mermaid – Mer-DINOs would be pretty cool too… or combine your Sugru with LEGO or playmobil.. whatever favourite toy has recently broken. Or see what your local charity shop has for you to scoop up… waste not want not)
  • A little glitter (optional)

How to make your Mermaid Doll – Broken Toy Hack with Sugru

Remove both the legs from your broekn doll. It is best if your doll lies flat whilst transforming it into this mermaid craft hack.. so if the head is “big” maybe take it off during the craft process too.

Choose your Mermaid’s Tale’s colours. We wanted to make a green and pink tail. So we mixed yellow and blue to make green and white and red for pink. We saved a little of the white for the mermaid’s bra. Remember red is a “strong” colour, so use only a little colour mixed with the white. We also didn’t “fully mix” the colours, we wanted some textures in there and  some swirls in our colours.

We found that ONE packed of Sugru is just about enough to make one mermaid. As we mixed our colours we had plenty left over.. and Red Ted made himself a simple sugru key ring with the left over too!

NOTE: work on a surface – the colour from Sugru does transfer. We worked on baking paper. Also, if you have touched a darker colour clean your hands before working with a lighter colour to avoid colour transfer. The Sugru is very soft and easy to work with, but colours to transfer easily.

Wrap the Sugru around the bottom of your mermaid and start forming a tail.

Now shape some tail fins… and with a knife make little fin lines.

Next I used a coffee stirrer to create some scales on our mermaid.

Finally add to little white dots as a Mermaid bra. We decided to also sprinkle some glitter on.. because we could.

That is it.. so easy to make your Sugru Mermaid. All you need to do now is let it dry for 24hrs and it is finished! The baking paper is a great place to let it dry in this time.

I love the texture and swirls you get from mixing your own colours. Sugru is such fun!! And really great to work with…

I love how this Sugru Toy Hack has given our dolls a new lease of life!! And how these are now played with MORE than the dolls that didn’t break…

I also love these gorgeous Unicorn Hooks using Sugru by HelloWonderful! Aren’t they scrumptiously magical?!

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