Easy Origami Ninja Star (Shuriken)


We actually made these easy Paper Ninja Stars back in April (whoopsy)…. then turned them into Ninja Star Fidget spinners (which went down a treat!!! Yay!) but never managed to share them with you “separately”… there is a slight disconnect between what we are making over on YouTube and sharing in on Red Ted Art! There is just SO MUCH to do and share. Teehee. Well, when it comes to crafts, I rather have TOO many crafts to share with you, than to few. You can never have too much inspiration. Right? So this Origami Ninja Star or Origami Shuriken as it is also known, is a fantastic Paper Craft for kids getting to grips with Origami Basics. We have LOTS of fabulously Easy Origami for Beginners, I would say these are for either older kids or slightly the next level up! They are still easy, but there is ONE tricky bit… so maybe a little adult support is required.

I invited Adam from Pinkoddy to make these with me at the YouTube Space London and I think he did a fabulous job!

Easy Origami Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Love paper crafts for kids. Here is a fun Origami for boys and girls alike. Learn how to make your own NINJA stars!

Origami Ninja Star – Materials

This ninja star required FOUR sheets of Square paper, we did ours in 2 colours and cut down one A4 sheet of paper to create two squares in each colour.

How to make an Origami Ninja Star

There are lots of Origami Ninja Star patterns out there. I researched them all and picked the one that I felt was the easiest for kids to master. The key about THIS Easy Origami Ninja Star, is that you make the same pattern four times EXACTLY and in my opinion there is only ONE slightly trickier fold. Some of the other Ninja Stars require you to make “mirror versions” of the same fold , which I believe can be confusing for kids! So this is definitely the Easiest Paper Ninja Star pattern…. enjoy the video!

Please note these Ninja Stars are just a toy for pretend play!

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