DIY Paper Fish Crafts

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I recently realised, that I have quite a few DIY Paper Fish Crafts!!! And as per usual, when I realise that I have many of “One craft”, I like to bring them all together in a Paper Craft Fish Collection for you to be able to browse at your leisure. Today’s fish are indeed all Paper Crafts. Paper is so readily available and yet so very versatile, that I thought it would be great to share them all in one go!! These are fabulous Paper Fish Decorations. There may be a sneaky Paper Whale or two at the bottom of the post! Forgive me for sneaking in some Mammals!

DIY Paper Fish Crafts - nice Summer Crafts for Kids - learn how to make paper fish (some include paper fish templates). Lovely! #fish #paper #summer #kids #papercrafts

The paper fish DIYs shared today are fantastic for any fish decor projects. Paper is inexpensive and so verastile. For the majority of the fish crafts shared here today.. simply purchase a pack of colorful rainbow paper from the craft store, grab some scissors, glue sticks and markers.. and off you go.. super simple supplies to make some fabulous Paper Fish Decor and Crafts! Often all you need is simply some paper scraps. I think you will have much fun with these fun activity ideas.

How do you make a paper fish step by step?

There are a number of ways you can make a paper fish! We have a fantastic collection for you to check out, with full step by step instructions!

You may also enjoy our quick 5 Paper Fish Video:

We have a number of video tutorials on YouTube for you to browse. Here is a quick overview of our 5 best fish paper craft ideas for kids!



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Paper Fish Craft Ideas and Fish Decor!

Without further a do.. let’s delve straight in!

DIY Paper Fish Crafts - nice Summer Crafts for Kids - learn how to make paper fish (some include paper fish templates). Lovely! #fish #paper #summer #kids #papercrafts

We love all Paper Fan crafts.. so these Paper Fish Fan are just the thing for us. So simple to make and look really effective, don’t you think?! I love the contrasting colors for the fish fins. So fun.

How do you make a paper weaving fish?

DIY Paper Fish Crafts - nice Summer Crafts for Kids - learn how to make paper fish (some include paper fish templates). Lovely! #fish #paper #summer #kids #papercrafts
How do you make a fish weave from paper?!

Ever wondered how to you make a paper strip fish? Well read on.. we finally have some adorable Paper Weaving Fish – a great way to use up scrap pieces of paper cut into strips. These are part of our extensive Paper Weaving Craft Ideas! If you scroll down, there is an even simplere second version of paper strip fish! But we do love this fish weave technique!

We had super fun creating these adorable 3d Paper Fish too. Aren’t they the cutest? These are probably one of my favourite paper fish crafts! It so cute and definitely gets 5-Stars from us! If you are looking for how to you make a fish with templates… this is the one for you! As I have added templates to the craft to make it easier!

How do you make an origami fish for kids?

DIY Paper Fish Crafts - nice Summer Crafts for Kids - learn how to make paper fish (some include paper fish templates). Lovely! #fish #paper #summer #kids #papercrafts

No Paper Fish Crafts round up would be complete with our some great Origami Paper Fish. My 8yrs old has made a whole shoal of origami fish this summer – making big origami fish and baby origami fish.. they are all over the walls in her room. So cute! Hop over and follow our simple video instructions for making this classic origami project!

These Hand and footprint fish take me back to years and years ago, when Red Ted and I got messy and made a collage of fish for his bedroom wall!

Fish Corner Bookmark are based on the characters Dory and Nemo from Finding Dory/ Finding Nemo – though I will be making a super easy Fish Corner Bookmark again soon!

Love these Puffy Paper Fish and Watercolours by Grade 1 students on the Centre School Art Blog! Hop over and see the whole shoal of fish together!

Here is a fun fish paper craft from a good friend. I love the sequence on these Paper Fish by I Heart Crafty Things!

You can also make a great Newspaper Fish Pinata! Because of course paper mache crafts are PAPER crafts too. This is super “Oldern goldie” that made in the very early days of Red Ted Art (2010!!! I think it was the fourth DIY project on the blog! Yep.. that is an oldie for you) and it lasted for ages.

Get creative with kirigami and turn colourful paper into these wonderful fish as created by Pink Stripey Socks

Love these Paper Fan Fish (version 2) by Buggy and Buddy  they make the perfect party decor!

How do you make a tissue paper fish?

Love the idea of this GIANT Tissue Paper Fish – this actually for sale on ETSY (affiliate link)! But maybe you can be inspired?

Learn how to make a moving paper fish! This MOVING Paper fish by Krokotak is simply th best! Love the vibrant colours too!

Or keep things super simple and make some flying paper fish from scrap paper – Mini Eco shows us how very easy they are!

Love a paper accordion craft and these colourful fish with gorgeous patterns have been created by Krokotak

Or.. how about some fun with these “surprise” fish? Love them. Check out Craft Whack for details and more designs!

Need some Paper Fish Templates? Try these:

Kids Crafts Room has some super fun and colourful Paper Fish Templates that are great as a Paper Weaving project too!

Or try these Paper Fish Template from Activity Village!

Other Paper “fish”

Ok so whales and dolphins are not fish but mammals.. and of course I don’t want to upset anyone by mis categorising them.. however it feels wrong NOT to show them, in an under the sea paper fish round up.. I am sure you will agree too… right?

We have a cute Whale Corner Bookmark as designed by my then 6yrs old!

Some lovely Dolphin Corner Bookmarks! Gracing the same under the sea pages of my Red Ted Art Book!

And finally our super popular and oh so easy Origami Whale!! The perfect paper whale craft for preschool and kids!

More Paper Crafts for Kids:

DIY Paper Fish Crafts - nice Summer Crafts for Kids - learn how to make paper fish (some include paper fish templates). Lovely! #fish #paper #summer #kids #papercrafts