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Today we have a super duper cute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea that kids can make. Adorable Mosaic Heart Pin Valentine – I am stuck on you!! How adorable are these? Love that this super duper cute Heart Brooch for kids! The perfect Kids Valentine’s Day Idea (and we do love a pun!).

Stuck on You - Mosaic Heart Pin for Valentine's Day

Hi, My name is Arielle. I am an k-8 art teacher turned art studio owner and blogger at ART CAMP. I am so thrilled to be back for another round of Maggy’s 31 days of love fest. Today I am sharing a Mosaic Heart Pin Valentine DIY! This Project makes a great kid’s Valentine craft and it would also make a lovely handmade Mother’s Day gift. With just a few simple steps and supplies your little kids (or big kids) can make a piece of wearable fine art to give to their friends and classmates!

To make your Heart Pins you will need:

Roll out your white clay to make hearts
  • White Air Dry Clay (we used Crayola Model Magic)
  • Heart cookie cutter or a plastic knife and scissors
  • Assorted beads (we used a discount bulk assortment from our local craft store)
  • Mod Podge or Diluted white school glue for sealing + brush
  • Watercolor palette + brush
  • Pin backs + hot glue gun
  • Card stock
  • Marker or gel pen

How to make your Mosaic Heart Brooches for Valentine’s Day

Decorating your hearts
Making clay heart brooches is easy and so pretty

Start by rolling out your clay until you have a flat slab that is 1.5 cm. You want it thick enough so the beads can sink in and not pierce through the other side.  Next you will cut out your heart shapes and add your bead design to your clay cut out. We decided to paint a soft layer of pastel watercolor on our hearts but you could also leave them white. After our hearts dried we sealed them with matte Mod Podge. If you don’t have Mod Podge on hand use a little diluted school glue as a sealer. This step will keep the beads in place.

Adding finishing touches to your brooch

After your hearts have been sealed you will set them aside to dry. When they have fully dried you will flip them over and add your pin backs with a dab of hot glue. If brooches aren’t really your thing these mosaic clay hearts would also make beautiful necklace charms or magnets. 

Sweet Valentine's Heart Pin or Brooch

We are always on the hunt for candy-free class valentine ideas so we decided to pin our hearts to card stock and add a punny Valentine greeting. They would also look really cute pinned to a craft tag.

Easy Mosiac Heart Pins for Valentines

Arielle Goddard is an artist, designer, and educator who has been teaching and developing art programs in Los Angeles for 22 years. Arielle founded ART CAMP in 2015 with the belief that art is for everyone and that creativity is a pathway to connection. When she isn’t leading ART CAMP Pop-Ups, Parties, and Workshops out of her vintage camper, Arielle is sharing fresh, elevated, Art + Craft + DIY projects online at ART CAMPInstagramFacebook Pinterest. She also sells beautiful templates, printable and craft boxes in her shop!

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