Perler Bead Picture Frame Heart for Valentines

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Oh my, I am excited about today’s post by Creating Creatives! We haven’t shared a Perler Bead Craft idea in a while. And yet both my kids (10yrs and 12yrs) still adore them and were “Perler Beading” (or in our case Hama Beading) all Christmas!

Today is a gorgeous Perler Bead Picture Frame Heart for Valentines. A perfect Kids Valentine’s Day Craft and gift idea – would also be fantastic for Mother’s Day!

Adorable Perler Bead Frames for Valentines

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How to make Perler Bead Picture Frames

Hello Tedsters! I’m so happy to be back for another 31 Days of Loving! This time we’re coming at you with a way to frame a memory, with one of our favorite crafting materials, Perler or Hama Beads!

We hope you enjoy these picture frames and if you decide to give it a go we’d love to see how they turn out so feel free to tag us on Instagram @creatingcreatives. Enjoy!

Hama Bead Picture Frames – Supplies

  •  Picture Frame Template
  •  A Perler / Hama pegboard (we used a square one)
  •  Perler / Hama Beads
  •  Parchment Paper
  •  An iron
  •  A picture (can be a photograph or a piece of artwork)

How to make Perler Bead Heart Frames for Valentine’s Day

  1. Use the included Template to create the design on your board with Perler beads. The heart pattern will be the picture frame and the other pattern is for the feet that your picture frame will sit in.
How to make a photo frame with perler beads
  • An adult should help for the next 2 steps. Heat up your iron.
How to iron Perler Beads
  • While your iron is warming up rip a piece of parchment paper to cover your entire board.
Ironing your valentine's day perler beads
  • Iron your beaded pattern. Move your iron in a slow circular motion on top of the parchment paper until all the beads have melted to touch each other. Do be careful not to do it too much and melt your board.
Picture frames for Valentine's Day
  • Allow your beads to cool for a few minutes then take the parchment paper off. Some people like to iron the other side of the pattern too. I only did this for the feet to make them a bit sturdier. If your beads are curling up you may want to let it rest under some heavy books for a couple minutes while it’s warm to flatten it.                              
How to make a hama bead picture frame
  • Print or color your picture. The actual picture frame is for a 2.5” x 2.5” picture, but you’ll want to make sure your paper is a little bigger so it fits in the frame. Put your picture behind the frame, hold it in place, and slot the legs on over the picture.
Finished perler bead hear frame for valentine's day
  • You’re done! Give to someone you love or display in your home!
Hama bead picture frame heart for valentine's or mother's dya

Aren’t they the sweetest?

Hama bead frames

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