Recycled Tinsel Heart Wreath


Time for a super duper cute Valentine’s Day Decoration – these recycled tinsel heart wreaths would look fabulous as a door wreath or a wall hanging!

Another lovely heart craft guest post from the 31 days of love series!

repurposed tinsel heart decoration for Valentine's Day

Hello there! My name is Mihaela and I usually can be found at Best Toys 4 Toddlers where I share activities for kids under 5. Well, most of the time! From time to time, it’s fun to make something different like an origami heart ornament we shared on Red Ted Art some time ago. Inspiration for today’s project came when I was putting away the Christmas decorations.

How sad it is that all those pretty, sparkly things will stay hidden for a year, waiting for next Christmas! And, that’s when I decided to repurpose red tinsel we used for Christmas to make a tinsel heart wreath for Valentine’s day! Another thing to add: I didn’t buy a single item to make this wreath. All supplies came either from the recycle bin or we had them on hand. Now, let’s dig in and see how to make lovely and sparkly tinsel heart decoration for a front door!

Supplies we used to make Tinsel Heart Wreath:

  • Piece of cardboard from the recycle bin
  • Precision knife or scissors
  • Red tinsel
  • Stampler
  • A stick
  • Felt scraps
  • Glue gun

How to Make Tinsel Heart Decoration

step 1 - Tinsel heart decoration for valentine's day

Outline a bigger heart on a piece of cardboard and another smaller one inside. Cut the heart using scissors or precision knife. It is easier to cut cardboard with precision knife in my experience. Heart you end up with will be used as a frame for a wreath. 

step 2 - tinsel heart decor

Use the stampler to attach tinsel to heart shape. And then, round and round you go! Until heart is completely covered in tinsel. Secure the end using a stampler. Wreath frame is done! You can hang it on your door as it is or you can follow the next few steps to add a little something extra.

step 4 - cupid heart wreath for Valentine's Day

I decided to make a Cupid arrow as a decoration on tinsel heart wreath. For Cupid arrow, we used a stick (piece of tree branch longer than heart and as narrow as possible) and pink felt scraps. You can use any color you desire. Cut the stick to be a bit longer than heart’s diameter.

From felt, cut out 4 strips for feathers. We also need one square of felt for arrow’s tip. To form the tip, fold a felt square in half and make a little cut in the middle where you will place a stick. Using a glue gun, glue stick to felt and glue felt triangle for an arrow’s tip. If needed, you can trim a triangle a little to make it look better. 

step 5 - valentines day tinsel heart craft

Take an arrow and slide it under the tinsel on both sides of the heart. To secure an arrow from moving, knot felt strips and form feathers on an end of an arrow.

Add a string and hang heart tinsel on your door! You made it!

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