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We love all things simple. And we love all things TRADITIONAL. And we ADORE all things NATURE. Here is a wonderful simple, traditional and nature based Christmas wreath that you can make from all sorts of garden (or woodland) material in MINUTES!

Super Simple & Quick Wreath How To - one wreath lots of details
This nature wreath was first shared in November 2015

This nature Wreath DIY is super easy to learn to make and are also a great craft for teens and tweens to have a go at. I made these Christmas Wreaths and the kids then decided how to decorate one each. The Christmas Wreaths are super easy to make  – and can be decorated to suit your home and personal style – keep it simple, keep natural, make it glitzy or colour co-ordinate your Christmas Wreath.. the choice yours.. just be sure to make one! As they are so delightful and satisfying to make.

Due to the nature of using “fresh branches and leaves” – Make it, and then hang them straight away, avoiding disturbing the foliage during the Christmas Season.

The video below shows how to make the basic wreath -we attached the extras with threads and pieces of wires. Though the one with lots of berries is 100% natural – the berries where “tied on” with long grasses that I found!

wreath diy
diy wreath

Please note – responsible foraging:

We used ivy from the garden the first year. Later, I have cut ivy on overgrown paths from a local walk. If you are cutting whilst “out and about”, please take things responsibly. Cut a little “here and there”. Don’t take all the berries from one area (birds and wildlife still need them, as do your fellow humans to enjoy on their works). And only take as much as you think you will need. Don’t cut any vegetation from someone else’s garden without permission. And don’t damage the local environment!

Like with all foraging – forage responsibly! Luckily most ivy is a weed!

nature wreath how to

Watch the Christmas Wreath Ideas Video & How To (starts in the middle)

The technique really is very easy – as the video on auto play will show you! Please do take a look at it!

Depending on the size of the wreath you want to make, and the length of your ivy:

nature wreath diy

Take one long strand of ivy or bendy wood and about half way along, start wrapping a second piece of ivy. If they are long enough, you can start wrapping the second piece back around the “beginning of the first piece”. In the video, I actually only use ONE long piece and fold it back on itself to make the small wreath.. but you can make wreaths bigger by connecting two pieces and extending the length.

Hold in place.

Grab a third piece and start wrapping it around too. You will start seeing little gaps between the wraps, that you can tuck the “ends into” as you.

Keep wrapping with new pieces of ivy as you go.

Until you have a wreath the size you are happy with.

The video shows a fairly small and cute wreath.

I have made them bigger before too. However, they MAY sag a little when you hang. In which case, you need MORE layers of ivy to help give it it’s shape and don’t weight down too much with decorations!

The best bit? This wreath is so easy to compost in your home composter or in your garden waste bin – literally, just needs “throwing away” (unless you have tied on baubles, then cut those off to reuse the next year).

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