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We love all things simple. And we love all things TRADITIONAL. And we ADORE all things NATURE. Here is a wonderful simple, traditional and nature based Christmas wreath that you can make from all sorts of garden (or woodland) material in MINUTES! THey are super easy to learn to make and are also a great craft for teens and tweens to have a go at. I made these Christmas Wreaths and the kids then decided how to decorate one each. The Christmas Wreaths are super easy to make  – and can be decorated to suit your home and personal style – keep it simple, keep natural, make it glitzy or colour co-ordinate your Christmas Wreath.. the choice yours.. just be sure to make one! As they are so delightful and satisfying to make.

Super Simple & Quick Wreath How To - one wreath lots of details

Due to the nature of using “fresh branches and leaves”, these Christmas Wreaths last better INDOORS. Make it, and then hang them straight away, avoiding disturbing the foliage during the Christmas Season.

The video below shows how to make the basic wreath -we attached the extras with threads and pieces of wires.

Christmas Wreaths ideas

Simple Christmas Wreath
Traditional Christmas Wreath from Natural Materials
Watch the Christmas Wreath Ideas Video & How To (starts in the middle)

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