Easy New Year’s Eve Star Paper Hat with templates

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve with little ones? Want to make a fun and quirky little hat for them? Check out this New Year’s Eve Star Paper Hat! It is a super simple make and great for little ones to improve some cutting skills. A lovely Toddler New Year’s Eve activity. There are plain versions as well, so they can be used as a Simple Star Paper Hat for other occasions too!

New Year's Eve Hat
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The printable for this hat is super simple and can be customised as much or as little as you wish. As you can see in this image, I have kepti t simple – yellow card, white paper… scissors and glue.

However, you can print on multi coloured paper.

You can add eco friendly glitter glue or tissue paper pom poms.

You can decorate the stars.

You can use only one paper star or all three…

You can use the band with “Happy New Year” or you can cut out the numbers to make any New Year you want.. I have added enough numbers for you to write 2022, 2023, 2024 all the way to 2039! Now that really is keen! Ha.

The paper hat stars, can also be used as part of school plays – maybe the a child can be “the star” in the nativity? Or maybe you are having a Christmas carol concert and all the children and can wear these simple paper star hats!

Now this Star Headband was actually made for my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store. But I am so grateful to YOU my Red Ted Art reader, that I am offering them here for free! Unless you want to pop to my store and purchase it as a little “Tip Jar thank you”. Totally your call!

To make these Star Paper Headbands you will need:

easy star hat printable
  • Light card in desired colours (though you can get away with just paper too)
  • A printer (please select “print to fit”)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Optional: pens, crayons, pencils, eco friendly glitter, tissue paper – anything to decorate with!

Your paper star hat – assembly instructions:

star headband craft

These super simple instructions are also included on the printable!

Please note: this hat fits children from around preschool to 9-10yrs old. After that, you may want to insert a little strip of paper to make it a bit bigger. It is restricted by the length of a piece of A4 paper!

1. Print onto coloured or white paper – lots of people find using just white paper/ light card best. This makes it a super thrifty and accessible craft for class room environments too.

2. Cut out shapes you want to use. As mentioned you can make a plain head band, one with “Happy New Year” or cut out shapes to write 2022 and beyond. You can decorate with pens and eco friendly glitter or use stickers and more. Or why not print out extra star shapes and make the stars go all the way round.

3. Tape or staple paper rectangles to make head band and to fit size of child’s head. As mentioned printing on A4 restricts the head size a little. If you want to make this hat bigger, you can always insert a little paper between the rectangles. Just be mindful that “Happy New Year” stays position in the centre and facing forward.

4. Decorate with shapes & numbers and pens. We love using felt tip pens.. but you can also use water colours and paints, stickers or print of more star shapes. This star hat decorates really well for the fourth of July too!

5. You can also add decor options such as “scrunched up” pieces of tissue paper to make eco friendly tissue paper “pom poms”. The scrunching process is also great for fine motor skills of little ones.

I hope you like our free-bie Star Hat – design as a thank you, for all your support over the years.

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