No Sew Horse Puppet

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Sooooo we have been thinking about The Year of The Horse for a couple of weeks now and I was determined to make some sort of Horse Craft with the kids… after much oohing and aaahing, we decided on a sock puppet – we used my hot glue gun to have avoid any sewing… which also meant, that I ended up making most of the Horse Puppet FOR The kids… nevermind, they enjoyed it anyway and we ADORE are little horse…

No Sew Horse Puppet

(Also available in German: Wir basteln ein Pferd!)

Horse Puppet Materials:

  • One sock
  • Wool for main (we went for fire red for Chinese New Year)
  • Googly eyes
  • Felt (red, black and white)
  • Hote glue gun
  • A small plate to insert in the sock to stop to side sticking together

If you don’t have a hot glue gun, you can sew your sock horse (instead of googly eyes use buttons, or stick them on with PVA glue

No Sew Horse Puppet How To

Horse Puppet - No Sew Sock Puppet

  1. We cut out all the bits – nostrils and two parts for the ears
  2. We put a plate inside the sock. Then glued on the eyes and nose where we wanted them.
  3. To shape the ears a little, we glued them together at the base first. Then with a good dollop of hot glue secured them just above the googly eyes.
  4. For the main, we started off with the fringe. Wrapped some strands of wool around my hand and glued them in place between the ears. Then snipped open the “loops”.
  5. The main we did similarly – but with three “sets” of main, glued next to each other. Make sure the hot glue catches all the strands.

And done. Neiiiigh.

Perfect for Chinese New Year!