Upcycled Fabric Craft Ideas

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Our thrifty craft ideas continue (we have LOTS of Recycled Craft Ideas here on Red Ted Art). Earlier this month we shared our Cardboard Box Craft ideas with you and now it is time for some Fabric Craft Ideas. Clearly you can use ANY fabric going… but I love nothing better than upcycling those old worn shirts or hole-y tights – i.e. the things you cannot giveaway anymore. The one thing to remember about upcycling fabrics though, is that if the fabric really is TOTALLY worn out, then your resulting craft won’t look as nice either. I do think it is worth having a pile for “washing rags”  or “stuffing” vs a pile for “crafts”. Make sure your old clothes still look nice overall!

Upcycled Fabric Craft Ideas

As per usual we did a video for you – for some reason you can ONLY view it here.. it keeps disappearing off my youtube channel. Grumble:

Upcycled Fabric Craft Ideas

  As mentioned in the video, many of these crafts can be found in my book:

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Upcycled Fabric Craft Ideas Links

1) Stick Men (1min into video)

2) Loo Roll People (1min 26sec)

3) Fabric Mache bowls (2min)

4) Nature Bag (first sewing project) (2min 45sec)

5) Towel Monster from Kids Art from Kids Chaos (4min 10sec) Check out Melon Drops too.

6) Denim Toy Cape from Kids Chaos (4min 50sec)

7) Ipod and sunglasses cases made from ties – cut, fold, glue velcro! (6min)

8) Zing Zing Tree shows us a Father’s Day Foldaway Bowl (7min)

9) Simple denim bag (8min)

10) Tshirt Yarn for a (Halloween) wreath (8min 30sec)

11) Tights to Fingerless Gloves (9min 10sec) + gusset to neck cozy (check the video!)

12) Socks as hats for dollies and Christmas decorations (10min 40sec)

13) Domestic Goddesque shares her school uniform to teddy (set off and professionally made) (11min 20sec)

14) Rag Wreath  (12min 57 sec)

15) Small tote bags with applique letters (13min 20sec) use scraps for embellishing clothes 16) Flannels to toy baby carrier (14min)

17) Take along “hand” to my School Starters feel safer (15min)

18) Knitted Cardigan to Pillow (15min 40sec) – a similar Christmas Jumper to Pillows

19) Tweed Doorstop from Me And My Shadow (17min)

20) LOTS of denim ideas – bleached dyed bunting (19min), handbag (18min), flower hair piece, gift bow  (19min 45sec) from Me adn My Shadow (17min 57sec)

21) Jeans to Skirt (21min)

22) Sock Monkey (21min 45sec)

23) Juggling Chooks or Doorstops (22min 30sec)

24) Black Apple Dolls and Bears (23min 15sec)

25) Jumper to Christmas Stocking (23min 47sec)

26) Kid Cardigan to Christmas Ornaments (25min)

27) Tights to Octopus Toy (25min 24sec) In addition I have the follow fabric craft ideas for you:

28) Free Scottie Doorstop Pattern

29) Hubby’s Work Suit to Batman Costume

30) For fabric scraps: Walnut Pin Chushions