#ONEMums Make your Voice Count

I find it amazing when bloggers get together to support those in need. Every few months I see them doing amazing things. Whether it is helping a blogger make her totally rubbish council house vaguely liveable or launching tweet campaigns when the government is clearly loosing the plot on certain benefit rules.

This week two of our much loved bloggers Mummy From the Heart and Jenography are in Ethiopia supporting people they “don’t even know”. Seasider in the City wrote a great post and Meme to support them whilst they are out there. Do take a peak.

They are there with One Mums, to lend a voice to all those mothers out there who cannot be heard.

ONE are not a charity, you will never see them asking you for money, all they want is your voice. ONE is a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Backed by more than 3 million members, they work with government leaders to support proven, cost-effective solutions to save lives and help build sustainable futures.

So how can you lend your voice? Join this meme and link up to Seasider In The City. Spread the word. Tweet about it using the #ONEmums hashtag. Tell your family and friends. Facebook about.

And what is the meme?

Take the letters of ONEMums (or ONEMoms) and create phrases or just words that sum up being a mum for you.

Outlandish fun
Nice cuddles
Everlasting love
Unicorns and rainbows
My family, my world
What does being a mum mean to you? Come join the campaign WHEREVER in the world you are!