Painted Newspaper 3D Heart Bunting

We do love a good Newspaper Craft Idea! Newspapers are so cheap (often free now a days) and surprisingly versatile. Today the lovely Rainy Day Mum shares a great Painted Newspaper 3D Heart Bunting. I love that newspapers make such a lovely Valentine Decorations and it is the second Valentines Newspaper Garland in this 31 Days of love series! Remember we have a great set of ideas grouped into  Valentine Craft Ideas for Preschoolers, Valentine Day Treats, Valentines STEAM Activities and Valentine Cards for Kids too!

Over to Cerys!!

Newspaper Heart Garland - a fabulous upcycled valentines day project. Make these easy newspaper 3d hearts with the kids. Simple and pretty!

Love is in the air and there are hearts everywhere which the perfect time to raid the recycle bin and get crafty with the kids to create some decorations for the home. This 3D heart bunting made with newspaper is a fun easy craft for Valentines’ Day perfect to make with preschoolers and above.

Materials needed to make the 3D Heart Bunting

  • Newspaper – the more text in the better
  • Watercolour paints
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Ruler (optional)

How to make your 3D Painted Newspaper Heart Bunting

You will need to do this craft over a full day or like us a couple of days to allow the newspaper to dry.

Watercoloured Newspaper

3D Painted Newspaper Heart Bunting-1

Tear out pages from a newspaper which are mainly text.

Set up to watercolour – we used watercolour blocks and I provided large brushes as well as pots of water.

As this was for valentines I suggested to the children that we should think about pinks, reds and oranges but you may see the occasional blue and green in the hearts as well!

Then they painted. Large brush strokes along the length of the paper are best.

With the sheet was painted move it over to the counter to dry – overnight I placed them in the laundry room (the warmest room in the house) to dry thoroughly.

3D Painted Newspaper Heart Bunting-2

Once dry it’s time to cut up your newspaper strips – two different sizes can be made from the painted newspaper either cutting the paper across on the short edge or cutting up on the long edge. Both sizes are good for making the hearts.

Each heart can be made from 2 or 4 pieces of paper.

To make a simple 3D heart from Newspaper

3D Painted Newspaper Heart Bunting-3

  • Take two pieces of paper the same length.
  • Fold both in half.
  • Now take one piece and open up – fold each end into the middle to form a heart.

3D Painted Newspaper Heart Bunting-7

  • Take the other piece of paper and place in the middle so that it touches the centre fold.
  • Staple in place
  • Then hole punch at the top.

To make a heart with 4 pieces of paper.

3D Painted Newspaper Heart Bunting-4

  • Take 1 long piece of paper and 3 short pieces of paper
  • Fold the long piece in half and put aside
  • Take one of the short pieces and fold in half
  • Open up and then fold each end to the middle
  • Take the other two pieces and fold but don’t crease to make a tear drop shape with the ends touching.
  • Take your heart shape and around each of the loops place one of the tear drop shapes

3D Painted Newspaper Heart Bunting-5

  • Now take your long folded piece and place in the middle
  • Staple at the bottom making sure to include all of the pieces
  • Then hole punch at the top

Hanging the Hearts onto Bunting

3D Painted Newspaper Heart Bunting-6

  • Take a ribbon and cut to your desired length leaving enough room either side to attach it easily
  • Thread the hearts onto the ribbon
  • Hang up and arrange the hearts evenly along the ribbon


Quick fix for a Wonky Heart

If you notice that the heart is wonky then you can staple the heart together in the centre so that it doesn’t flop around.

Newspaper Heart Garland - a fabulous upcycled valentines day project. Make these easy newspaper 3d hearts with the kids. Simple and pretty!

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