Easy Valentines Day Science Projects


As the 31 Days of Love Guest Post series continues, I realised that I actually have a whole set of fabulous Valentines Day Science Projects to share with you here on Red Ted Art!!

Valentines Day Science Projects

There are so many fantastic bloggers out there, that really know how to make science fun!! Science with kids – especially young, does not have to be complicated. It is more about getting them investigating, observing, asking questions. Making some predictions and then comparing predictions with outcomes. These are not only great traits for a scientists, but also are great life skills that can be applied to many a situation. Do check out our complete overview of Valentine’s Day Resources for Teacher’s & Parents.

We have more fantastic ideas grouped for you into Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers, Valentine Day Treats, Valentine Decorations and Valentine Cards for Kids!

I also wanted to give this absolutely AMAZING STEAM Valentines Day ebook a mention!!! What is there not to **love** (hehehe pun intended) about this beautiful book? The BEST STEAM projects by the loviest bloggers. Well photographed and layed out. Easy to print and browse at home or in the classroom. Get your copy today (US/ UK)!


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Now over to our… Valentines Day Science projects! I will try to group them into themes for you, but to be honest, they are all fantastic and you will probably just want to browse them all in one go! Many of the Science projects are suitable for kids of all ages, from preschoolers, through to older kids!

Easy Valentines Day Science Activities for kids:

Valentine’s Day Slime

One Valentine Science experiment that I have chosen to ommit, is the making of Valentine’s Day Slime. The main reason being, that, though this makes an amazing sensory activity for kids of all ages, it is so very UN-environmentally friendly! It uses up a lot of glue, which is basically a plastic, that will end up in landfill. Also Borax is often use, which is in fact a very harsh chemical. If you do want to explore Valentines Slime, why not take a look at these more natural TASTE SAFE Slime Recipes?

Valentines Science using Bicarbonate of Soda

Combining Bicarbonate of Soda with Vinegar is a real “childhood” staple when it comes to simple home science. The ingredients are usually readily available in any pantry. It is a super safe experiment and it is soooo fun to see the soda and vinegar react together. Here are two simple projects for you this Valentines:

STEAM Valentines Fizzy Hearts 1

Fun with Vinger hearts or Fizzy Hearts – combining Bicarbonate of Soda & Vinegar – the effect of the two together is always like magic and kids respond so well to this activity!

Valentines Day Science Activity

Similarly Glitter Hearts (also Bircarbonate Soda & Vingar)


Arty Science: turn your science exploration into a fun Bubble Painting or Bubble science. Love it when art and science meet! Such a cute Valentine Activities idea.

Valentine’s Day Science experiments exploring the properties of Salt

Another great way to introduce simple science concepts is to these experiments looking at salt. Salt is readily available and you can have lots of fun with it at home or during a lesson in the classroom


Salt & Ice Exploration – “Breaking my Heart” – explore what salt does to ice… little hands will love getting stuck into this activity and keep tem busy quite some time!

Salt Crystal Hearts - Easy STEAM Activities for Kids this Valentine's!

More fun with Salt and these SALT Crystal Heart Decorations – see how the salt crystals form in these lovely heart diy

Valentine Fun exploring Electricity

I love these electiricty based projects for Valentines. They are so fun and a great opportunity for some Valentine’s Puns: you light up my life! Or You’re Electric. So fun. It does require some “specialist” items, but they are not too hard to get a hold of!


Seriously cool STEM Valentines – make your own Electric Circuit Card (just so clever, you do need a special electric pen though, that you can purchase here US/ UK (aff links)). Don’t these make fantastic Science Conversation hearts?

More fun with circuits with these “Light Up my Life” Bookmark Corners! Aren’t they clever? Complete with free printable!

Basic Valentine’s Day Coding Science

Another simple Valentines Day Science activity to include in your Valentine’s lesson plans are simple coding projects.

Secret Code Cards

Decoding Valentines Cards – get the kids coding and decoding their own Valentines Cards. A great way to practice thinking logically.


More Coding with these coded bracelets. Introducing the concept of binary numbers. So simple. Genius.

Valentine’s Day Fun with Centre of Gravity and Magnets

Balancing Hearts Science Activity (includes free printable)


Magnetic Hearts! A great way of exploring attraction!

Paper Based STEAM Activities for Valentine’s Day!


The science behind Secret Messages, especially the lemon juice kind. Mine love writing secret messages like this.

THis was a guest post by the talented Emma at Science Sparks, she also has a great DIY Stethoscope Project (listen to your friend’s heart!) And investigate heart rates and how they beat so fast…..


Arty Science: 3D Heart Sculptures

Easy Kirigami Heart Corner Bookmarks.. make them just because or give them as a small gift on Valentines Day

More STEAM Valentines – learn how to make Origami Heart Bookmarks

Valentine’s Day Color Theory (and Ice!)

fun with color mixing tissue paper hearts - a wonderful STEAM project for kids (1)

We do love STEAM Activities, such as this Color Theory Valentines Cards

Fun Experiment with M&Ms and Skittels

A now almost “classic” Valentine’s Day experiment involves the use of skittles: Valentines Candy Heart Experiment (package them as a gift + instructions) – watch colours mix and blend

ice colour experiment pre schooler

Or how about this oh so simple but fablous STEAM Project – Color Theory Melting Ice followed with a fantastic ice painting session? A super simple science experiment that looks at both color buut also the properties of water at different temperatures. I loved doing this one with mine when they were toddlers and preschoolers!

Valentine’s Viscosity Science Experiments/ Lava Lamps

As we hurtle into February, let’s move towards viscosity based science experiments.


A great way to explore oil and water science, is this fun Layered Love Potion – kids will have a go at density exploration when making this Valentine’s Potion or “Lava Lamp”!


Similarly – more fun with viscosity and density here!

Printable STEAM Valentine’s Day Challenge Cards


The ladies behind STEAM KIDS Valentine’s Day Book, also have these BRILLIANT FREE Valentine’s STEAM challenge cards. Take a look!

Don’t forget to grab your copy today – a fantastic STEAM KIDS Valentine’s Day book. Packed with ideas for both the home and classroom.


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