Royal Crown Printable for The Queen’s Corgi Movie


Originally a Sponsored post by Lionsgate and in celebration of the new movie The Queen’s Corgi. But of course this is also an ideal make for the Platinum Jubilee Activities!

The kids and I do love a good movie. We cannot wait for new The Queen’s Corgi to come out on July 5th and we wanted to dress up for the royal occasion!

I have a brilliant Paper Craft for you today – a fantastic and easy Royal Paper Crown to print, colour and assemble. This activity is fun for all of the family, you can even make one for the pet dog!

Get your printables below and make your very own The Queen’s Corgi royal crown to show off at the grand opening!

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Rex is the Queen’s Top Dog – a spoilt little corgi who lives a life of luxury in Buckingham Palace. But when Rex winds up in a London Dog’s Home, surrounded by tough strays, he must learn that to become a true Top Dog, you have to earn it!

Jack Whitehall (Jungle Cruise, Good Omens, Bad Education) voices loveable Rex, the Queen’s Top Dog – a spoilt little corgi who lives a life of luxury in Buckingham Palace. Ray Winstone (King of Thieves, Jawbone), Sheridan Smith (Cilla) and Matt Lucas (Missing Link, Sherlock Gnomes) voice his mischievous canine co-stars Tyson, Wanda and Charlie.

Julie Walters (Mary Poppins Returns, Mamma Mia 2, Paddington 2) is the voice of our reigning monarch The Queen. She is joined by Tom Courtenay (King of Thieves, 45 Years) as the voice of The Duke of Edinburgh. Rounding out the voice cast are Jon Culshaw (as Trump) and Debra Stevenson (as Melania), Sarah Hadland (as Mitzy), Colin McFarlane (as Chief), Nadia Wadia (as Patmore), Iain McKee (as Jack), Kulvinder Ghir (as Sanjay).

The Queen’s Corgie Movie Trailer

The Queen’s Corgi, in UK cinemas on 5th July!

Starring Jack Whitehall, Ray Winstone, Julie Walters, Sheridan Smith, Matt Lucas and Tom Courtenay

ROYAL CROWN – a Paper Craft

To make your paper crowns you will need:

  • printable
  • coloring pens, paint, anything you want to color & decorate your crown with really
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • craft knife & safety mat
  • glue/tape
  • split pin

How to make your Royal Crown for The Queen’s Corgi Movie

After downloading the templates for this crown, colour in all three parts of the crown and jewels. Have fun with pens, pencils and watercolours! Make your paper crown truly spectacular!

When you have finished coloring your paper crown, start cutting out the crown. Make sure to cut the top parts (that will look like feathers) up to the jewel chain (see photo).

Glue the three parts of the crown together. You can add tape from the inside to make it sturdier. Then, punch out the holes we will use for the split pin to hold together the top part of the crown. Put the main body of the crown to the side.

Time to craft the top part of your Paper Crown!

Fold the top along the line and then cut. Before gluing shut the top part make sure to fold the bottom to a 90° angle. The bottom part will then be glued on top of the crown.

Find the two white circles on the jewels page right next to the top part of the crown. Make a small cut with your scissors or if you have craft knife (get your parents to help if using a craft knife). Then push the split pin through one of the paper circles.

From the bottom of the crown start pinning the smaller flaps/feathers.

In the top photo you can see what it looks like from the inside of the crown. Now start adding the longer “feathers”/flaps on to the split pin. Add the 2nd paper circle and split the pin so it will hold all flaps in place.

Add glue to the bottom part of the top and glue it on top of the crown.

All that’s left now is to add as many jewels as you like where ever you like!!! Have fun!

As mentioned – we have an extensive set of Platinum Jubilee ideas here including free printable Union Jack Bunting!:

You can also watch our quick slide show video here:

Ta-daaaa your Royal Crown is ready!!!!

Be sure to wear it when you go and see the brand new The Queen’s Corgi movie. Out across cinemas in the UK on July 5th!

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