More Ted Bookmark Printables

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Ha.. you simply can’t get enough Ted Crafts.. right? I made some super fun Ted Bookmark Printables (and Pip Bear Bookmarks) and asked on Instagram if you wanted more.. you said YES!

So here is our next batch of Red Ted Art Ted Printables. They are even quickier adn easier to make than the other bears!

These Ted Bookmarks are great for younger kids getting in their “cutting practice” as only straight lines are need to be cut. We love Homemade Bookmarks.

Red Ted Art Bookmarks  - a collection of Ted Bookmarks and rectangular bookmarks with plaits and tassels

Materials to make your Red Ted Art Bookmarks:

How to make your easy Ted Bookmarks

Collection of Ted Bear Bookmarks! Double sided printable

Print your printable “double sided” – that will save you a step of “glueing” together two sheets of paper. However you CAN print them separately and glue them. This would have the added benefit of a stronger bookmark, should you choose not to laminate them.

Cut out the bookmarks along the grey lines on the “Red Ted Art” side of the bookmark.

Run through the laminator and cut out again.

Using your hole punch, make a hole for your tassle or plait.

I thought that plaits look better with this type of Ted Bookmark, but it really is a question of preference.

Cut approximately 40cm of red, yellow and blue yarn. Feed it through the hole so it is doubled up.

Pick out a “double” of each colour and do a 3 way plait.

Tie a little knot at the end and your Red Ted Art Bookmark is finished!

How to make a plait with three strands:

If your kids are still learning how to plait, you may find this video helpful! When coming to making these bookmarks, the kids may find it easier if you tape the Pip Bear Bookmark down on a table with some masking tape, to create a little tension and then start plaiting!

Happy Bookmark Giving and Happy Reading!! These are going into our little free library!

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