Easy Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft for Kids – Valentine’s Decorations

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Our Valentine’s Day Crafts series continues with an easy Weaving Project. Today, we have the gorgeous Rachel from I Heart Crafty Things, who has a wonderful Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft for you. This sewing craft makes a perfect Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers – not only does it look pretty, is EASY, but also is great for fine motor skills developement. You can’t really “go wrong – the kids can work on this sewing craft whichever way they want. And it is a great introduction to sewing skills for young kids.

Heart Paper Plate Craft - a wonderful sewing craft for preschool and up. Love this Valentine Decoration for kids to make
This lovely paper plate heart craft was first shared in Jan 2017

A big thank you to Maggy for having me as part of the 31 Days of Love series again this year! Today we will show you how to make a paper plate heart – a sewing craft for kids of all ages.

My name is Rachel and I blog over at I Heart Crafty Things where I focus on creating fun and simple children’s arts and crafts. We love creating paper bag crafts, paper plate crafts, cupcake liner crafts and everything in between, so it was super fun to come up with this Valentine’s craft idea for Maggy! Do pop by and say hello and share any of your makes on facebook and instagram via @redtedart!

This past year we have grown extra fond of using yarn for crafting. Yarn not only adds a great textural element to crafts, but wrapping, weaving and threading yarn is excellent for kids to learn beginning sewing skills and of course those toddler fine motor skills.

It’s also great for strengthening fine motor muscles in the fingers and hands. This year for Valentine’s Day we created this paper plate yarn sewing heart craft that your children will adore! Make one or create several and string them together to make a fun Valentine’s Day banner. It would also make a lovely keepsake craft for Mom!

Easy Paper Plate Heart Craft for kids of all ages – Supplies needed:

Hopefully no new purchases will be necessary! Though we used coloured paper plates already, you can begin this project by painting your plain white paper plates in Valentine’s Day colours first! Then work with the supplies you already have to hand. Some young children love to add stickers, sequins and gems as extra decorations. It is really up to you!

  • paper plates (we found red and pink plates but any kind of paper plate will do – you can use different colors to us or start of with a simple white paper plate)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • hole punch
  • yarn needle
  • yarn
  • tape

Extension ideas: you can keep working on those fine motor skills by maybe weaving in some feathers at the end or glue on some colorful pom poms. Making it a super tactile activity too. Alternatively, if you want to make a little mess (hehehe), you can paint the paper plates first and have great fun with glitter or additional decorations.

How to Make a Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft:

This really is an easy tutorial! Enjoy!

1. Start by making a fold in your paper plate – folding it in half and cutting a heart shape out of the middle of the paper plate for a DIY Heart template*. Trace your heart template onto the center of your other paper plates with your pencil and then cut the heart shapes out.

*(You may find it easier to print out a heart template first and use this for both paper plates – we have lots of heart crafts and heart templates here on the site – you may like to use this heart bookmark for this project!)

Easy Heart Paper Plate Craft for Valentine. Make these wonderful Heart Sewing Craft with kids this Valentine Day. A wonderful Valentine's Day Decoration.

2. Use your hole punch to punch holes around the entire perimeter of the heart.

3. Thread your yarn needle with a long piece of yarn. Pull the needle through one of the holes around your heart and when you reach the end of the yarn tape it in place on the back of your paper plate. Now continue threading your yarn around the different holes of the heart until each hole has been used.

Younger kids will have a “wild” heart sewing pattern. Older Kids can stick to a more oderly process. But again, it doesn’t really matter!

Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft

4. When you reach the end of your yarn or are finished threading through all of the holes of your heart, cut the needle off and tape the end of the yarn onto the back of your paper plate.

Paper Plat Yarn Weaving Crafts for Kids - these Heart Paper Plates are a great way to exploring sewing with preschoolers. Love.

You can either use some blu tak to stick these on the wall or hang them up with some ribbon or make a lovely paper plate heart garland using a staple and string, for the classroom!

Aren’t they sweet? Hope you enjoyed this Valentines Craft Idea for kids of all ages! And that you settle down for a crafty morning with the kids to make these.

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