Paper Plate Heart Wheel Valentine’s Day Craft

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We have a super cute Paper Plate Valentine’s Day Craft for you to day – a Paper Plate Heart Wheel complete with printable. Ah super cute and easy Valentine’s Day Craft for Preschoolers! Paper plate crafts are so fun for young kids – there are so many great projects to make.. from Paper Plate Heart Sewing Projects to Love Bug Twirlers. So cute!

Paper Plate Heart Wheel for Valentines Day!

We love Valentine’s Day printables! Hope you find this helpful too!


About me

Hi I’m Shikha from The Joy of Sharing. I love sharing easy, fun & educational crafts for kids. I’m a mom of a preschool girl who is my craft conspirator & co-creator. And I’m super excited to be a part of this awesome 31 days of Love series. Thanks to Maggy for giving me the opportunity to share this craft in the series.

Celebrating our love for our family

The season of hearts is fast approaching. Soon, Valentine’s day will be here treating us to reds of love, affection and friendships. After all, love is such a beautiful feeling and so nurturing for everyone, especially children. Kids are blessed with such pure emotions that is a special feeling to be loved by them or to give them our love.

We think kids should be taught to recognize and express their feelings so they can form lasting friendships and relationships with their family, teachers and friends. We decided to celebrate the love our daughter has for family and friends by creating this cute and easy heart wheel craft!

Add photos of loved ones

It was fun to know about who/what our daughter loves and enshrine it forever in this wheel of hearts. We hope you will try this activity having your own fun discovery and memories. For additional fun, use real pictures of your loved ones in the wheel.

Wish you a very happy day of love and expression!

Paper Plate Heart Wheel for Valentine’s Day – MATERIALS

  • Heart Wheel Printable (enter $0 at check out!)
  • Paper Plates
  • Brad Pin
  • Safety Cutter
  • Paint (Red)
  • Glue
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Pencil Color (Red)

Enter $0 at check out to get this free Valentines Day printable over on Gumroad!

How to make a paper plate heart wheel

  1. Color a paper plate with red acrylic or watercolor and let it dry.
  2. Take another paper plate and cut out a heart shape as shown in the picture.
  3. Join both the paper plates from the center using a brad pin.
  1. Download the heart wheel printable and cut out the pictures. You can also use real pictures of your loved ones.
  2. Start by glueing the first picture in the heart and writing the name of the loved one. Then rotate the top plate and repeat for other members.
  3. Once you are done glueing the pictures of the family and friend. Glue the picture of the child in the center covering the brad pin.
  1. Then make a heart shape thinking bubble with a message “I Love You”!

That’s it. Your kid’s heart wheel is ready to surprise the loved ones. If you enjoyed this craft, check out some of our other interactive paper plate projects:

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