Pet Potato Crochet Patterns – Cat, Dog, Rabbit & Hamster

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Launching Potato Pets!!! The potato pets are a collection of fabulous pet potato crochet patterns by my teen daughter Craft Alotl. We have a set of different crochet patterns for you to explore. MANY of these a exlusively free crochet patterns for Red Ted Art readers, with bundles availble as well. First up.. the House Pet Potato Crochet Critters..

Potato Crochet Pets

Do you know what the best thing about these pet potato crochet patterns is? They are scalable!! Yes.. one pattern, and you can make any size crochet project.

Special amigurumi Ricorumi wool, will make these cute mini potato pets. They are a wonderful gentle sensory toy to hold and squish, if you add a little rice and lavendar to the bottom.

Or go LARGE with some Marriner Get Cozy super fluffy yarn to make patoto pet plushies! If you hop over to our exclusively FREE Axolotl Crochet Pattern (basically a free potato crochet patern to make our own handmade potato!), you can see how the great the axolotl plushie looks. Add more rice (a bagged kilo is great) and you have a wonderful axolotl doorstop too!

Then simply experiment with different yarn thickness to see what different sized pets you can get!

Such a happy and friendly amigurumi pattern, don’t you think?

What are Potato Pets?

Potato pets are a little kawaii amigurumi invention by Craft Alotl. At Christmas she was gifted a variety of wonderful crochet yarns, using different sized hooks (Ricorumi uses 2 mm crochet hooks, the Get Cozy yarn, 10 mm corchet hooks).. and then she saw the cutes potato lamp in a shop… and ideas was born: Potato Critters or, as well call them, Potato Crochet Pets!

Craft Alotl started off by making the now trending potato crochet axolotl.. and then couldn’t stop creating. So far there are 6 potato pets to collect:

All patterns will all be available for purchase in Craft Alotl’s Etsy & Ravelry stores (I confess, we are still experimenting with both platforms!). The stores have two aims – to encourage craft alotl to keep designing and to start a small (!) college fund. So if you love these potato pet designs (and any of her other crochet projects!!) your downloads are supper supportive! Having said that, we love to always provide free crochet patterns too.. and you can explore her free crochet patterns via this collection. It is always a balance, no?

Are potato pets for beginner crocheters?

Good question, the majority of the craft is made using a magic circle (mc), chain stitch (ch) and single crochet stitch (sc)! Which is great for beginners.

However, we do introduce the mini bobble stitch (mbs) (a short video of how to make this is on auto play, as well as linked to the bottom of this post). Once you get your head around it, it is actually not too difficult..

You will also need to know how to do half double crochets (hdc) for the embellishments. As well as be comfortable switching your yarn colors – especially when it comes to making the Rabbit Crochet Pattern.

Supplies need to make these animal crochet patterns

  • Crochet cotton yarn (we liked ricorumi, though any yarn can be used)
  • A crochet hook to go with the size of your yarn, we used a 2 mm hook
  • Safety eyes – we used 6 mm safety eyes, but you may want to go bigger
  • Tapestry needle and black thread for mouth features
  • A little soft toy stuffing
  • Optional: rice for the bottom of your potato pet to turn it into a more sensory little squishy

House Pet Collection

So.. the house pet collection comprises the cat crochet, the rabbit crochet, the pug crochet and the hamster crochet patterns. These are collectively available, in a handy ad-free pdf download from Etsy!

NOTE: this pattern is written using American crochet terminology. The patterns use chain (ch), slip stitch, single crochet (sc), magic circle (mc), increase (inc), decrease (dec), mbs (mini bobble stitch) plus half double crochet (hdc) for some of the embellishments.

You can see them all here again:

hamster crochet

Potato Crochet Hamster – the hamster crochet pattern is also available individually!

cat crochet

Potato Crochet Cat

rabbit crochet pattern

Potato Crochet Rabbit

dog crochet pug

Potato Crochet Pug

Aren’t they simply the cutest!! As mentioned there is a little dino crochet pattern and axolotl crochet pattern separately too.

The dino will also be part of our exotic animals bundle COMING SOON!

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You can view our mini bobble stitch on YouTube as well: