Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Preschoolers

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Welcoming back Start Creative Studio with a wonderful Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving! Nothing quite says Thanksgiving like an adorable Turkey Craft when working with young kids!

Every tried Blot Painting? Well if your kids enjot the blot painting process, they will adore these blot painting turkeys made with paper plates. Just gorgeous!

Easy Paper Plate Turkey Craft

It’s that time of year we focus on the turkey and, more importantly, its impressive array of feathers that are so fun to craft. We found the process of making the paper plate “feathers” so fun, we made enough for about a dozen turkeys! Luckily, we were able to mix and match several of the different patterns so most of the paper plate artwork designs found their way to at least one of the turkeys.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Preschoool

  • Paper Plates
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Eyes (optional)

How to make your paper plate turkeys

Create it!

Let’s start with some blot painting!

smudge painting turkeys
Paper Plate Squish Painting Turkey Feathers

Step 1: Fold the paper plate in half.

Step 2: On one side of the paper plate, drop dots of paint. Use different color combinations and patterns.

Step3: Fold the top portion of the paper plate (without paint) to the bottom and gently press together. Open the plate and allow to dry.

Step 4: Cut the plate in half along the folded line.

Making your triangle turkey

Making a triangle turkey

Step 5: Glue one half of the plate in front of the second half to create the turkey’s feathers. 

Step 6: Cut a triangle from cardboard.

Step 7: Fold the top point of the triangle down.

Step 8: Paint a small strip or triangle of cardboard red. Allow to dry and glue under the folded portion of the cardboard triangle to create a wattle. You may want to glue the folded portion of the triangle down as well.

Step 9: Glue the cardboard triangle to the center of the paper plate feathers.

squish painting turkey craft
Adding your finishing touches to the Paper Plate Turkey

Step 10: Add plastic eyes if you’d like!

Easy Paper Plate Turkey Craft

If you are looking for a fun turkey project for a playdate or group, this simple paper plate turkey uses paper plates, recycled cardboard and paint – items you might just already have on hand!

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