Easy DIYA Card Design for Kids (with template)


As Diwali rapidly approaches, we have another Kids Diwali Craft Idea for you today.

Based on our Paper DIYA garland, we turned the same design into this lovely and easy DIYA Card to make with kids!

Easy DIYA Diwali Cards for Kids to make

Paper Diya Diwali Card – Materials

  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors
  4. Craft glue
  5. Paper quilling strips
  6. Slotted quilling tool
  7. Piece of card for sticking on at the end

How to make a Paper Diya Card for Diwali

You can also use this free diya template to make some gorgeous little DIYA garlands.

Making your Diya flame and “pot”

Collage of step by steps to make a Paper Diya Garland for Diwali

Step -1: Print out the template and cut out any set of diya template you want; the template includes 3 different sizes. Trace the template patterns on selected colored craft papers and also gather some paper quilling strips of different colors but keep a long yellow strip for quilling a flame pattern.

Step -2: Grab the paper cutouts prepared for the diya craft.

Step – 3: Attach the small flame cutout on the big flame cutout. Attach the thin curve cutout on the diya-pot cutout.

Step – 4: Now attach the paper flame on the top side of the paper diya-pot, keeping the attached end of the flame on the back side of the pot.

Decorating the Diya with paper quills

Collage of step by steps to make a Paper Diya Garland for Diwali

Step – 5:  Use the long yellow quilling strip to make a quilled teardrop shape. Use the rest of the quilling strips to make small tight coils.

Step – 6: Attach the yellow quilled teardrop on the small part of the paper flame of the paper diya.

Step – 7: Apply drop of glue along the top side of the paper diya pot and grab all the tight coils.

Step – 8: Place the tight coils on the glued part one by one. Start gluing them from a side.  

Easy DIYA Diwali Cards for Kids to make

Step – 9: Keep adding the tight coils until the top side is covered.

Step – 10: Finally glue your DIY to some brightly coloured card!

And your paper Diya Card for Diwali is completed. Give to a friend or a relative!

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