Paper Tea Light Lanterns for Winter


We love paper crafts and there are so many great things you can make from paper for Valentine’s Day. Like these cozy paper tea light lanterns – a guest post from Adventure’s in a Box. So very pretty!

Paper Tea Light Luminary - gorgeous Winter decor

Winter evenings are long and dark. Why not brighten them up with a friendly little luminary? You can put it on a windowsill or use as a centerpiece for a dinner with your loved ones. Its cozy light will instantly bring the atmosphere of festivity to the table.

We like paper crafts in our family. They’re simple to make, they don’t require any special materials, and they’re no trouble to recycle, once we’ve enjoyed them for a while. Our favourite paper crafts are printable paper dolls – we love dressing them up for different occasions. The other ones we have been enjoying for years are printable shadow puppets. This paper luminary has been inspired by the idea of frolicking silhouettes.

You can use our design, featuring a couple of cats on the rooftops of an old town – or you can make your own design, following the same principle. Paper ring luminaries are among the easiest to put together, and they are fun to create!

Materials You Will Need for a Paper Tea Light Luminary

  • printable template
  • white paper (card stock or plain)
  • scissors and hobby knife (some parts can be cut with scissors, but a hobby knife would work for well for cutting the inside designs like house windows)
  • glue stick/hot glue gun/tape
  • LED tea lights
Paper Tea Light Luminary - gorgeous Winter decor

How to Make a Paper Tea Light Luminary

  1. Print the template and cut the silhouette out. I recommend using scissors for cutting out the general outline and a hobby knife for the little windows.
Paper Tea Light Luminary - gorgeous Winter decor
  • Glue the silhouette into a ring. You can use white glue, hot glue – or even tape!
Paper Tea Light Luminary - gorgeous Winter decor
  • Insert an LED tea light in the center. I do not recommend using a traditional candle – since this luminary is made of paper, it is flammable.

If you are creating your own template, make sure that the ends of the design are at the same level and leave space for gluing.

This is how the paper luminary looks in a dim room.

Paper Tea Light Luminary - gorgeous Winter decor

And this is the luminary with all the lights turned off.

Would you like to try another design? Check out our paper luminary, featuring animals in the winter forest.

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