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Our new found love for Paracords continue and we try out lots of different paracord crafts with the kids. Paracord crafts essential are a “cooler” version of Macrame, using parachute cords (aka paracords) instead of Macrame string. The first we crafts we have made, actually all use the same easy knot – the cobra knot – so learn how to make it once, and you can make several projects at the same time.

Check out our Cobra Knot Paracord Bracelet to get practicing.. or dive straight in and have a go at this adorable Paracord Dragonfly. The Dragonfly looks great as a hair accessory, keyrig, zipper pull for back to school or brooch! Lovely.

Find all our Paracord Projects here (I LOVE the paracord people, so cute!)
Paracord Craft Ideas - adorable dragon flies, look great as hair clips brooches or keychains


What you will need to make a Paracord Dragonfly:

  • 1 m piece of paracord of choice
  • 2 pony beads (optional)
  • A lighter for sealing (please only do this under adult supervision)
  • Key chain or hair slide (optional)

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Watch this Easy Paracord DargonFly How To Video:

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 Paracord Craft Ideas - adorable dragon flies, look great as hair clips, brooches or keychains