TP Roll Cat Gift Boxes

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Our love affair with TP Rolls continues. TP rolls crafts are simply the best craft materials – especially when working with kids, but I think that these cute little kittens are adorable enough for anyone.. and the best think about this TP Roll Cat craft, is that they double up as GIFT BOXES too!

TP Roll Cat Gift Box
Cute and easy TP Roll Cat Gift Boxes

Yes, how CUTE is that. Fill them with treats at as Birthday Party Favours, give them to a teach at year end or use them to hide something bigger more valuable!!! (See below what we put in ours!). I will also show you two different ways to “seal your box”. Both fun and easy.

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Toilet Paper Roll Cat Gift Boxes – Materials

  • Per cat a TP Roll or Kitchen Towel Roll
  • Paint
  • Pen
  • Ribbon (optional)

How to make your TP Roll Cat Gift Box

This craft is mainly shown in the auto play video tutorial! But I have written out the steps for you too!

Cat TP Roll Box

If you use a kitchen towel roll instead of a TP roll, you can make some “flaps” that close at the bottom of your TP roll kitties- perfect turning your TP Roll into a gift box. This does also with TP rolls, but you get a smaller cat/ gift box.


Begin by taking your TP Roll and painting it in your desired colour.

Let dry fully.

Shaping the TP Roll
Shaping the TP Roll into Cat ears

Once the TP Roll is dry, you want to shape the top of your TP Roll Cat Box. Squeeze the middle of the top rim of your TP Roll. Then squeeze the other side, so it folds over the top!

tp roll cat

Take a black pen and decorate with cat or tiger features. Rememver to add cat tails to the back!

You can also add ribbon details! Perfect to make it it more gift box like!

To make a closure at the bottom of the TP Roll Cat, you have two choices:

Either – stuff with tissue paper as a closure (it works surprisingly well!)

Or – cut four small slits into the bottom and fold over.

Your TP Roll Cats and Gift Boxes are finished!

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