5 Penguin DIYs with Sugru


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You may have spotted our doll rescue Sugru DIY back in the summer…. we turned broken Mini Dolls into gorgeous little Sugru Mermaids. So fun. My daughter STILL loves to play with these win the bath (and out). Sugru challenged us again to come up with another Sugru inspired DIY for Kids this New Year and we thought we would have some Penguin DIY fun!!!! As Sugru comes in such bright colours, it is perfect for a jolly and bright series of Penguins. We started off by making one penguin….. and then couldnt stop making them. From Sugru Penguin Ring, to Sugru Penguin Pencil Topper, to Sugru Penguin pencil cases and more.. if you love Penguins, you simply have to check out these Sugru crafts for kids. A perfect set of Penguin Accessories for when the kids get back to school!

Sugru has recently launched a new formula that can be used by children as young as 8 years old without adult supervision – read about the Family Friendly Formula here. Which is fabulous, as my kids have been DYING to use it. Sign up for Sugru’s newsletter today and get a 10% discount on your first order!

Penguin DIYs with Sugru – Materials

  • A pack of coloured Family-safe | Skin-Friendly Sugru per penguin (we made, red, blue, black and mixed black & white for a grey one)
  • Half a packed of white Sugru per penguin
  • A little red and yellow mixed to make orange Sugru (though yellow is fine too!!) – we do love a bit colour theory when crafting
  • Tiny black beads (though you can use black sugru too)
  • Accessories – such as
    • Ring (though you can make a sugru ring too)
    • Brooch
    • Pencil
    • Pencil Case
    • Ribbon (for the bookmark)

Note: the pencil topper penguin is not a toy and must not be chewed,  a watch out for those with under 3’s.

The Ribbon Bookmark was inspired by Sew Recycled! Love her ideas!

How to make your Sugru Penguins

The basic Penguin is the same for all the different Penguin Accessories. However, you may need to carefully mould it around an item as an extra step.

Begin by making your Penguins main body. Take the coloured Sugru and roll it into a ball. Flatten it and shape it into an oval.

Secure it to your ring/ brooch/ zipper pull. On the pencil poked the pencil into the sugru ball and then shaped it into an oval.

On the Pencil Case – we smushed down a little sugru into the fabric, to really secure it and then carefully placed the coloured Sugru oval on top.

Next, make sure your hands have no colour residue (wipe them with tissue paper and then wash them if necessary).

Take a little white Sugru (about 1/3 to half of the single packet). Roll it into a ball.. flatten it and again make it into an oval. Using a toothpick, indent the top – to shape the penguin’s face. A bit like a heart.

Carefully place this on the penguin’s “main body” colour.

Add your little black bead eyes. If you don’t have beads, do use a little of the black Sugru.

Finally, mix some yellow and red (about 3:1 yellow:red) to make some orange Sugru.

Shape a tiny bit into a triangle and add to the Penguin’s face. You can use a toothpick to help shape it.

All you have to do now, is add the Penguin’s feet… make two small orange balls. Gently press them onto your penguin and using the toothpick shape a little detail in.

Now let your Sugru dry for 24 hours. Make sure the Sugru isn’t resting on a surface that it will stick to. We moved it a little the first couple of hours to avoid it sticking to something but you can rest it on something like a plastic wallet from your stationery supply. Then leave for 24 hours until the Sugru has completely cured and your Sugru Kids’ Crafts are FINISHED!!

I hope you have enjoyed these Family Friendly Sugru DIYs..

Don’t they look adorable as Pencil Toppers and Pencil Case Accesories too?

And don’t forget our LOVE for DIY Bookmarks

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