Fun Easter Activities for Upper Elementary Students

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We love Easter Crafts for Kids!! Over the years, we have shared an extensive range of Easter Activities for kids of all ages. I thought it would help to narrow some of these activities down for you to use as classroom Easter Activities for Upper Elementary Students or simplye Easter crafts for school age kids.

Easter Activities for Elementary School Students

They make a fantastic addition to our Easter for Teacher’s & Parents collection. The majority of the crafts here today are perfect Easter Activities for Elementary Students – particularly upper elmentary, where kids really start to work independently! We also have a set of Religious Easter Crafts for you to browse. These are a great way to teach the Easter story, whatever your faith – as it gives context to what Easter is really about.

So if you are looking at which grade these activities and crafts are for, I would say between 3rd grade to about 6th grade. So kids around 8yrs to 11yrs old. I find this a fantastic group students to work, as they become more able to follow instructions independantly, have some fabulous creative ideas of their own BUT also still enjoy creative activities before they hit those high school years of too cool for school! They are a great set of activities to fill some free time at the end of lesson plans.

These Easter classroom activities would work with not just your elementary, but also middle school students. However, with a lean towards the elementary school students. Crafting is not only a wonderful mindfulness and of course creative activity, but students can also practice their reading skills/ following instructions as well as STEAM skills.. as many craft projects are routed in simple maths – shapes, symmetry or mechanics (how do pop ups work) etc.

Where you are crafting at home or in the classroom, we have a great set of crafts for you to try today.

So, read on about these Easter Activities for Elementary and Middle School Students. Let’s get started and get ourselves classroom ready for Easter week heading our way! I love Easter crafts in the run to the Easter season – a lovely way to decorate the classroom and home for spring too.

Easter Activities for Upper Elementary School

As with all our crafts here on Red Ted Art, we are sharing ideas for you and your students. None of these activities are designed to be followed in EXACTLY the way we have shared them – but they are designed to inspire the kids to get creative. E.g. I share a super fun little Pop Up Bunny Easter Card (including printable worksheets), but you don’t have to make a pop up bunny.. you can make any other pop up animal that you wish.. be inspired to get creative and get the kids to think outside the box!

Perfect for upper Elementary students keen to make things “their own way”!

Top Religious Easter Crafts to teach kids

If you are looking for religious Easter Crafts to teach your students about Jesus and the meaning of Easter. This is a fantastic and extensive set of religious Easter craft ideas:

Sunday School Easter Crafts

Spring themed & Easter Bookmark DIYs

We love bookmarks! We are avid readers in the Red Ted Art households.. so always in need of a bookmark. Of course there are plenty of “bookmark receipts” knocking about, or scraps of paper, but a “proper” bookmark is much more fun. Bookmarks are great lesson plan fillers (who can argue with anything that encourages reading) as well as a great activity for a library Easter craft session during the school holidays. We have a collection of Easter Bookmarks you can try out, with out top favourite bookmarks being:

Two bunny bookmarks

Of course we have some corner bookmark designs.. first up are these Easter Bunny Bookmark Corners! There are two different ones for students to be inspired by. We used ordinary printer paper. Making this a super frugal classroom craft too. However, you can of course make these bunny bookmarks in any colour you wish! Have fun.

Chicken Bookmark Corner

Fun with Chicken Bookmark Corners. These always make me smile as I think they are so fun. They use simple shapes – round triangle, hearts and circles. So are a great craft for elementary school kids.

Bunny bookmarks

Bunny Paper Clip Bookmark – I love this paper clip bookmark idea. Super simple and fun. We show you how to make the “bunny and egg” paper clip bookmarks.. but you can take the concecpt and make other Easter paper clip bookmarks. What will the kids come up with? Maybe a bee and dangly flowers (or a flower and dangly bees)? Mama chicken and baby chicks etc.? Let them explore and have fun!

Pop Up Easter Card – STEAM fun for Elementary School

If you know Red Ted Art, you will know that we ADORE Homemade Pop Up Cards! DIY Pop Up Cards are a wonderful simple STEAM project for kids. There are SO many (easy) ways to make fun pop up cards or 3d Cards. And I have selected some of our favourite 3d Easter Cards of your here – grab your glue, scissors, paper and card stock and check out these Easter Card Ideas:

We love the mechanism to make these super cute Egg Pop Up Cards. There are two versions, the Bunny Pop Up Card and the Easter Chick Pop Up card! Both come with printable template and worksheets if you wish use them!

fun pop up bunny

You can’t go wrong with these Iconic Peeps Bunnies Pop Up Easter Cards. Again classroom worksheets and template options available.

heart bunny
We do love Easter Bunny Cards

Large pop up bunny card! I love that you can have the simple pop up bunny “theme” and yet so many different ways to create pop up cards for Easter. This is our large “bunny face” pop up card.

hoppy easter cards

I love this origami bunny pop up card – as it is a super simple basic pop up. Once students have learnt how to make this pop up, they can add any Easter origami design to it, or draw their own Easter designs and messages. Lots of options for customizing! And yes.. printable worksheets available.

Pop Up Easter Chick Cards
How about a pop up chick card?

Finally.. a NON bunny pop up card. Ha. Well. For a bit of variety we have this fantastic pop up chicks cards to make too!

Handmade Easter cards really are the best. All you need to do now is had your personalized greetings.

Easter Ornaments for an Easter Tree

Easter Trees are all the rage at the moment. You can could have a classroom Easter Tree and decorate it with your students. We LOVE hanging real eggs into an Easter Tree (see below for some “real egg” fun.. but there are lots of fabulous paper Easter Tree decorations you can make too!

Paper Chick Craft as well as 3d Paper Eggs – these come with fun printable colored egg templates!

Simple Paper Bunny ornaments. These are wonderful as they only need printer paper to make.

The peeps are back with 3d Peep Ornaments (includes worksheets and printables).

Fun with Elementary Easter Eggs

We had the School Egg Decorating competition ideas below.. how about some “ordinary” egg decorating. Decorated eggs are perfect for Easter Baskets, Easter Tables or in fact the Easter Tree too! Here are some fun ideas! Of course we have a more extensive list of Egg Decorating Ideas, but I have picked my favourite out for school age children.. elementary school kids!

Napkin decoupage is a really fun process that I think school age children will love to try out. You can use any pattern you wish. My top tip is though is to go “smaller” pattern, rather than “larger pattern”! The result is stunning and makes great keepsake decorative eggs for your Easter Tree!

DIY Galazy Eggs

Galaxy eggs will always be a winner with elementary school and middle school students. They will love practicing their galaxy painting skills and make decorative Easter eggs that are out of this world. You will have the collest decorative Easter Tree for sure!

Easter Bunny Eggs

Adorable Bunny Eggs – well, it IS Easteer.. and Easter is all about the eggs, chicks and the bunnies, tight?!

Fun with Unicorn Eggs

Well, you can’t resist a unicorn egg, now can you! This was a super simple decoration. I think they would be fabulous for the Easter tree too!

Ok, not quite an egg decorating idea.. but a plastic egg decorating ideas. Decoupage your plastic eggs to make them into gorgeous Easter eggs to use again year on year! Simply fill with some Easter candy or chocolate eggs and pop them into your Easter baskets.

Having an Egg Decorating Competition at School?

When my kids where in KS2 in primary school (elementary school in the US), they LOVED LOVED LOVE the Egg Decorating Competition at their school. And they won many times! Here are some of their top projects (with top tips on how to win your egg decorating competitions included!). I think egg decorating competitions are fantastic Elementary school Easter activities.

Egg Solar System

Space Eggsplorers – probably one of our favourite egg decorating ideas we have done of the years (and yes it won!!). I think this would also look egg-cellent as a mobile!

Egg People Marching

KS2 Climate Egg March – climate change is always a hot topic for school age children and it is really important to discuss it with them. The year we made this Climate Egg march, as the year we so many students out on Climate Change Marches, so it felt very relevant.

Viking Eggsplorers

Our Viking Eggs are part of this collection of School Egg Decorating Competition ideas. Yes you guessed it, we made this Egg Viking ship the year the kids “did” the Viking in class. Perfcect timing. Those little egg carton helmets are just too funny!

circus eggs

We have an eggcellent circus scene for you too! With lots of fun puns to try out. I particularly love the little Egg Clown!

More Elementary Easter Crafts & Activities

And now to are more “general” Elementary Easter Activities that don’t fit into their own category. Here we have some lovely Easter clay crafts, sewing projects and more..

juggling chickens bean bags

Probably one of our most popular sewing projects for kids to date – the fabulous pyramid chickens. These are super cute and easy to sew – you only need to do 3 straight lines and yet create this clever three shape. They are great as decorayions, as “juggling balls” or can be made in large format as a doorstop.

Easy Bunny Brooches

If the students have got the sewing bug, you can also have a go at making these cute simple rabbit faces. These felt rabbits can be made as little brooches to wear, can be added to backpacks or can be used as Easter Tree Ornaments! You can also practice different sewing stitchesrunning stitch, overstitch (both shown) or even a blanket stitch!

finished Easter basket

Easter baskets are super fun to make and a great craft to create in the classroom for elementary students to take home (fill with shredded office paper as “straw” and some little treats). This comes with worksheets and templates for the basic Easter basket, but students are encourage to flex their creative skills when it comes to decorating the baskets with chicks, bunnies or flowers. Best made from light card stock, though you can “get away” with printer paper too!

Easter Pinch Pots

Of course we need some clay pinch pots. Though clay pinch pots are often considered to be for preschoolers or early primary school age kids, I think pinch pots are fantastic for any age groups. Especially if your students are not experienced in working with clay. Here is a simple egg shaped pinch pot, that you can turn into Easter Egg bowls, chicks or even bunny wrapping clay pots! So cute. The students will love them.

Gen Easter Basket
Easy DIY Chicken Easter Basket – fill them with yummy Easter candy

We can’t resist some fun with papier mache! A classic classroom activity for students to work on. In this case, we used recycled tissue paper to make the chicken and bunny papier mache bowls, but of course newspaper works really well and you can paint the papier mache bowls afterwards! Use homemade paper mache paste for thriftiness and eco-friendliness!

How to make pom pom sheep

And or course.. pom poms!! There are SOOOO many fun pom poms to make with kids all year around, but we especially love these sheep pom poms, made with our pom pom cardboard disc (templates available) method. You can also have a go at the finger pom pom making method, that we used with these chicks.. but I think in a classroom environment the cardboard discs work a little better (with less disasterous incidences of pom poms “falling apart”)!

Egg Science Ideas

To compliment our more crafty STEAM projects, here are a list of top Egg Science Ideas:

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of classroom Easter crafts for school age children! We do have an EXTENSIVE list of Easter Crafts for kids, as well as Easter Crafts for Preschoolers! Please do check these out too!

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