Personalize your Holiday DIYs


The holiday time is upon us, and as per usual, we are all busy searching for (and creating) those perfect gifts and preparing the best holiday parties, all while doing our best to enjoy this festive season.


If you’re like us and love giving those special homemade DIY gifts, having labels on hand is an easy and affordable way to add a personal flare. For the classic mason jar crafts, you can add your own label to personalize it with each of your friends and family members names. If you’re gifting baking mixes, you can also add a custom label with the recipe on the back for easy access when cooking. These White Vinyl Stickers & Labels are both dishwasher and microwave safe, so containers can be washed and reused, and instruction labels won’t fall victim to hazards such as sticky fingers and baking spills. Just create a design you like with this online Sticker Editor, add any text (names to/from, or greeting) you want, order, and stick onto any gift. If you select the PageMaker option, you can create multiple designs on one page, so you can customize the names for each individual label.


You can also make labels by uploading your own photos and images. They can replace traditional gift tags on DIY holiday packaging like on these paper boxes.  The best part is if you’ve got a few different images you’d like printed you can make custom individual stickers on one page in different sizes for each person on your list. Plus a page of stickers starts at just $9.99 USD, so you can order a few. We also think that Photo Stickers can make great gifts on their own by being used as wall decals in the home or for the office.



Pro tip: When everyone is finally together and dressed up at the holiday party, take lots of pictures for photo stickers and use them as gifts throughout the entire year!

Stickers are great not just for packaging and labelling, but also for creating unique and personal gifts. If you have a little one at home, or have a friend or family member with a newborn, imagine how adorable would it be to personalize a onesie with their name, the year, or a picture of their favorite stuffed animal!



We also love the ideas of using iron-ons to customize children’s cotton pajamas, traditional burlap stockings, t-shirts and aprons. These iron-ons are easy to apply, durable, water resistant and machine washable, so the items can be worn for many holidays to come.

Click here for more creative ways to use stickers and labels for unique kids’ gifts. Head over to StickerYou to create your own custom stickers, labels, iron-ons, decals and more and enjoy 10% off your entire order with code REDTEDART10.

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