Pop Up Ramadan Mosque Cards

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Today we have another lovely Ramadan Card for kids to make – a pop up Ramadan Mosque Card from the talented Craftastic Kids on instagram! This is part of our special Ramadan Activities series for kids. Ways to engaged children during the month of Ramadan.

3d Ramadan Card for Kids to make

These pop up mosques are perfect for writing messages at Eid, making it the perfect Easy Pop Up Eid Cards to make and give to loved ones.

This is a wonderfully easy design that I think you two will love!

This is a guest post by the wonderful Craftastic Kids. She has SOOOO many super lovely and EASY kids crafts for Ramadan and beyond. Everyone (whether muslim or not) will find something lovely to make from her ideas! Well worth a follow and a browse!

Easy Pop Up Eid Cards – supplies

  • Light card stock/ card for the card itself
  • Colourful construction paper or regular paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pen/ pencil for making out shapes and wrting messages!

Since this lovely post went live, I have added a two printable mosque outlines for you – that you need to cut “apart” to use as templates for the mosque base, dome and moon. They come in two sizes. Enter $0 at check out or leave a small tip to support hosting of this resource.

How to make a Pop Up Mosque for Eid during Ramadan

Fold your paper an half and draw half a dome shape of your mosque. Think of it as a flattened tear shape.

Cut the shape. Once you unfold it you should have alovely symmetrical dome shape.

Today we are choosing to make a rainbow mosque. You can of course making it any colour your wish. If making a rainbow, cut out another 4-5 identical dome shapes in rainbow colours.

Once you have all the shapes, keep them folded in half.

Add glue to one half of the shape and place a second shape on top.

Add glue two this second shape and add the third on tope etc.

When you have a stack of half domes. open the top and bottom and add glue across both backs.

glue to card

Glue onto some card.

Add the a simple mosque silhouette to complete the picture (you can make the this base silhouette by combining basic shapes – a long rectangle across the bottom. Two perpendicular rectangles, a small square, some ovals and finally to small onion shaped domes).

3d Pop Up Ramadan Cards

Finished! Now make one yourself! Easy crafts like this are the best option for a little messages for Eid!

ramadan cards

Now make lots for all your family and friends!

This is a craft made and designed my Craftastic Kids on instagram. As mentioned, do hop over and a follow and browse to see what other fantastic crafts she has for us!

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Printable mosque template