Printable Paper Dolls for Halloween

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The spooky season is heading our way, and we have another lovely little paper craft for you – Printable Paper Dolls for Halloween. Well, a printable paper doll, with a few different outfits and of course a Halloween Cat as a pet. Currently this paper doll set is free to download, so make the most of it! Part of our set of Printable Halloween Crafts.

dress up paper dolls halloween

A couple of years ago, my kids had a blast coloring in paper dolls. Cutting them out and dressing them up. They spent HOURS doing it and had so much fun with all the different outfits and dolls.

So when my intern last summer, told me she LOVED to draw and design, we came up with our paper dolls project. Halloween is her favourite season of the year, so naturally, Halloween Paper Dolls where our first set and design (watch out for our Christmas Paper Doll too).

paper dolls halloween dress-up

We have a cute paper doll template, with a number of Halloween outfits and some cute seasonal accessories to go with it.

3d Princess Paper Dolls

As an aside.. I also have as set of free printable paper dolls for princess or Disney fans. You can check this set out here. But they are a different “type” of paper doll (i.e. you can’t dress them up!), but you CAN turn them into adorbable little paper Disney ornaments! There are 7 to choose from PLUS two extra in black & white to color in yourself and customise! So fun.

paper princess dolls

Or check out the Christmas Paper Doll – the outfits and accessories mix and match with the Halloween doll. So you get two dolls with lots of lovely outfits!

Christmas Paper Dolls
The Christmas Doll also fits the Halloween Doll’s clothes!

Back to today’s Halloween Paper Dolls

To make these paper dolls – supplies needed:

halloween paper dolls
  • printer paper – though light card stock would make them more durable and could even be combined with magnet dots
  • printer
  • coloring pens
  • scissors
  • a little glue if attaching, say the head band!

This paper doll is available Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store for a small contribution (and download the paper doll bundle in one go and at a discount). It all ads up and is very much appreciated!

At present we only have these Halloween paper dolls (and the princess paper dolls, shared above), but have some Winter paper dolls coming soon! Be sure to keep an eye out for those! Wonderful kids activities for sure!

How to make a paper dress-up doll for Halloween

halloween printable doll

Get yourself zen time ready. Clear the table. Find your favourite pens. Get a nice warm of spice pumpkin latte (if a grown up) or hot chocolate (if a child)… then print your Halloween Paper Dolls.. and get started with this cute free printable.

paper dolls coloring

I love how paper doll coloring pages, mean you can customise your paper dolls to suit your personality!

redhead paper doll halloween

Be sure to experiment with different skin tones too! A great opportunity for some mindfulness colouring and to hone those fine motor skills!

paper dolls accessories

And have fun with all the details and accessories on this free printable. Here we used coloring markers, but crayons and watercolor paints could be fun too?

lots of accessories

I love how the different people colored in their dolls differently! You would think we had a whole set of different free printables, but all you need is the one!

dress up paper dolls
Cutest Halloween Paper Doll Set!

Once you have all your dolls colored in, it is time to carefully cut them out!

halloween paper dress up dolls

Aren’t they cute? Hours of fun to be had with these fabulous paper dolls.

autumn paper doll coloring
This Halloween Paper Doll is ready to party!

I love how the doll is so different depending on who colored her in (I got my friend’s 7yrs old, 12yrs old AND my 42yrs old friend to give them each a go!).

paper doll witch
This Halloween Paper Doll, is ready to fly off on her witch’s broom

How cute is this paper witch doll – complete with purple cat! So fun.

trick or treat paper doll witch
This Halloween Paper Doll is ready to go trick or treating!

You could add magnet dots to the back of these paper dolls (and print on card). Then use a magnetic surface for hours of fun doll play!

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