Easy Kawaii Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

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Sooo! Learning to crochet? Or love crocheting already and LOVE free crochet patterns? My daughter (12) is rapidly becoming the crochet QUEEN in our house and with that, has been putting together some cute and easy crochet patterns for us. Today’s pattern.. a super cute and easy crochet pumpkin!

pumpkin crochet

I think these mini pumpkins are adorable throughout the Autumn months. Whether you are crocheting for Halloween (we popped one of ours into our DIY Ghost Pass the Parcel) or Thanksgiving (these would make lovely little decorations or gifts).. I think you simply HAVE To give this pumpkin crochet pattern a go.

So want to learn how to make this easy kawaii pumpkin crochet? Read on!

Supplies needed for a mini crochet pumpkin

cute pumpkin
  • Orange yarn
  • Green yarn
  • Optional: safety eyes or mini split pins, black yarn for mouth
  • A little stuffing
  • Needle
  • Crochet hook (to correspond to your yarn)

NOTE: this pumpkin crochet pattern can be used with any wool/ yarn and different yarn thickness will result a differently sized pumpkin! If you are using chunky yarn – be mindful, that you will need a longer needle at the end to shape the pumpkin into pumpkin segments. In this instant “small” pumpkins using regular yarn or crochet cotton is best!

How to crochet a pumpkin

Easy Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

Crochet key for this free pattern:

Sc – single crochet

Mc – magic circle

Ch – chain

Inc – increase A

pprox Making time : 25 – 45 mins

Make the yarn pumpkin base

6sc in mc [6] 2.

Inc in every stitch [12]

(Sc, inc)* 6 times [18]

4 – 7. 18 sc (4 rounds) [18]

(Sc, decrease)* 6 times [12]

You can add the safety eyes at this point & then stuff the shape. You have to guess a little where these go! As the final pumpkin shape only emerges later! You can always sew on eyes instead or glue on some felt eyes!

(Decrease)* 6 times [6]

Leave long tail around 20 cm.

finished pumpkin ball

Ta-da you have yourself a little crochet ball!

Shaping the crochet pumpkin

Now it is time to shape the pumpkin! (The fabric pumpkin video on “auto play” shows you the same technique for shaping the pumpkin!)

shape the pumpkin

Using the yarn, wrap it around the pumpkin, insert through the top and tighten.

pumpkin shape

Repeat 4 times:

shaping the yarn pumpkin

So you now have four sections, giving the pumpkin a pumpkin – like shape.

See photos for better understanding.

Make the pumpkin stalk

Ch 5

Skip first stitch, 4 sc

yarn pumpkin pattern

Fasten off and sew stalk to the top of the pumpkin. Sew on a mouth.

You can see more of my daughter’s work on Craft Alotl instagram.

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