Puzzle Cards for Father’s Day

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“I love you to pieces”… oh my how cute is that as a Father’s Day Card theme? Actually it would make an amazing Mother’s Day Card or Valentine’s Day Card too.. but today it these adorable Puzzle cards are joining our Father’s Day Crafts series!

I love you to pieces - Puzzle Cards for Father's Day

Father’s day is right around the corner. Looking for a fun card that the kids can make for dad? Then you’ll simply adore these “Love you to pieces” Puzzle Cards.  Kids of all ages will enjoy decorating and cutting up their cards and dads will enjoy putting the pieces back together to reveal a heartfelt Father’s Day message.

Hello! My name is Leslie and I blog over at Pink Stripey Socks (www.PinkStripeySocks.com). Thanks, Maggy for inviting me to participate in this fun series of Father’s Day Crafts!

To make these Puzzle Cards you will need:

  • Color Paper
  • Scissors
  • Drawing tools:  Pencils, Erasers, Markers, or Crayons
  • Gluing tools:  Masking tape, White glue, or glue sticks

How to make a Puzzle Card for Dad with preschoolers

Step 1:

Draw and cut out paper father dolls. (Ours happened to look like giant gingerbread men.)

Step 2:

Color and decorate your paper dad dolls.  We used markers, paint sticks, and scraps of paper to decorate our dolls.

Puzzle Pieces Father's Day Card - I Love you to pieces

Step 3: 

Once you’re done decorating and your glue is dry, cut the paper dolls up to create a fun puzzle for dad to put together. (My eldest tried to create a trickier puzzler while my youngest just enjoyed using the scissors.)

Aren’t they fun?  We can’t wait to give ours to my husband.

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