Red Ted Corner Bookmark Design

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Time for a fun little Paper Craft for Kids – learn how to make the Red Ted Corner Bookmark from scratch! No Ted Printables needed.

Time for our Teddy Bear Corner Bookmark to join our extensive Corner Bookmark Design collection. Hooray!

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Teddy Bear Corner Bookmark  – Materials

  • A piece of white square paper (we cut down A4 into 2 squares of approximately 15 x 15cm – but any size is fine!)
  • Some scraps of contrasting coloured paper for Ted’s features – orange and red and pink
  • Black pen for the Ted bookmark’s features and outlines
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

How make an Origami Bookmark Ted Design

Scroll down for the full Ted Corner Bookmark video.. or watch the “basic” origami corner bookmark video her and add the embellishments outlined below.  If you prefer step by step photos, we also have an Origami Bookmark  post for you here.

Corner Bookmark Ted Step By Step Instruction

Begin by making a basic Origami Bookmark using white paper. We have Origami Bookmark Step by Step Instructions (including photos)!

Cutting out your Ted bookmark’s embellishments

How to make a Teddy Bookmark

Round off the corners a little (not too much).

Ted needs a number of key features:

  • small ears with yellow/ orange circles
  • a yellow/ orange tummy
  • a snout (with a black nose drawn on in pen)
  • some pink cheeks
  • red bow tie
  • and additional features added in black pen

Bringing your ted corner bookmark  “together”

Two teddy bookmark corners - super sweet

As the video shows – it is now a question of layering up your Ted features to make your Red Ted Corner Bookmarks.  

Start with the ears.. then place the snout relatively “central”.

Add your tummy (and trim if needed), plus the bow tie.

Finally add the kind black eyes and pink cheeks.

Your Ted Corner Bookmark is finished!! Congratulations.


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