Quick Kids Craft: Easy Spotty Eggs

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Hello.. a very quick craft for you – easy spotty eggs – a great way to decorate Easter eggs with toddlers and young children! We love easy Easter Crafts for Preschoolers. As a child, we used to colour our hard boiled eggs with food dye and then stick on pictures of rabbits, chicks and lambs… I don’t have any of those stickers, and to be honest, I think they are a little boring…. so I wanted an “easy” egg decorating craft for young children, that also didn’t matter if you eat the eggs afterwards! So these Spotty Eggs are perfect for the Easter Breakfast Table or to add to an Easter Hunt without Chocolate. So cute.

Easy Spotty Eggs for Preschoolers to make at Easter. Use food dies and stickers, making these great for eating at the Easter Table too! Fun Easter Decor!
First shared in March 2012

Easy Toddler Easter Eggs – Materials

  • Eggs
  • Egg Dye or Food Dye
  • Office stickers

Easy Toddler Easter Eggs – How to

How lovely are these? All you need to do, is

  • Boil your eggs.
  • Colour them with food dye (as per my egg blowing post),
  • Put on office or teacher’s stickers – they look great with just circles or stars! If the circles are large, you may get a little crease in them, but I think they still look lovely!

Alternatively – have you tried melting crayons onto your hot eggs? Want more ideas? (Now more than 10) Egg Decorating Ideas:

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