Leprechaun Corner Bookmark for St Paddy’s Day

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We have have a whirlwind of St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids here on Red Ted Art. For some reason, we haven’t paid this super fun holiday much attention over the years and it is time to rectify that! Earlier we had some GORGEOUS Paper Quilled Shamrock Cards/ Art, we have some fabulous Paper Shamrock Decorations and today.. it is all about the easy Leprechaun Corner Bookmark Design for St Patrick’s Day! A perfect addition to our extensive collection of Corner Bookmark Designs! I love this little Kawaii Leprechaun– it isare super quick and super easy to make – using basic shapes such as rectangles and semi circles! It goes perfectly with our little Kawaii Shamrock Bookmark Corners made earlier this month!

Leprechaun Corner Bookmark for St Paddy's Day - super cute Corner Bookmark Design for St Patrick's Day. We love a great Paper St Patrick's Day Craft and send some Leprechaun love to your friends... adorable #cornerbookmarks #bookmarks #leprechaun #stpatricksday
First shared in Feb 2018

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Leprechaun Corner Bookmark – Materials

  • One square of orange paper (approx 15 x 15cm is nice. We used a sheet of A4 paper, cut in half and cut into a square)
  • Paper scraps in green, orange, light pink, yellow and black
  • Scissors
  • Pen for decorating
  • Glue Stick

How to make a Leprechaun Corner Bookmark for St Patrick’s Day

As per usual we have the obligatory Leprechaun Bookmark Corner VIDEO for you.. but we also have some great step by step instructions for you to follow below!!

How to make a Leprechaun Corner bookmark – step by steps instructions

Begin by making your classic Origami Bookmark Corner  out of orange paper (we have step by step photo instructions for you to browse at your leisure).

Once you have your basic orange Origami Bookmark it is time to cute some shapes.. you will need to cut the following accessories:

The Leprechaun’s Hat

  • two rectangles for the Leprechaun’s hat – one long thin one, and one whide one
  • one rectangle in black (for the hat’s band)
  • one yellow square (for the hat’s band)
  • one small black square to fit into the yellow square (again for the hats band)

A small paper shamrock

  • 3 small green hearts for the hat’s shamrock

The Leprechaun’s Face

  • a light pink semi circle for the face
  • orange eyebrows
  • small pink cheeks

Once you have all your pieces cut out  – glue them all together as per the finished Leprechaun Bookmark photo above!

Add eyes and a mouth, as well as some detail to your paper shamrock and your Leprechaun Bookmark Corner is finished!! Ta-daaaa.

As mentioned, we think this little Leprechaun Bookmark Corner goes super well with our Shamrock Bookmarks too! Do hop over and check them out too!

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