Rainbow Colour Hunt – Rainy Day Activity

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So… some of you may know that I LOVE Instagram.. and the other day, the kids and I where having a bit of “photo fun”… we went on a “colour hunt” around the house and started photographing the things we could find.. oh it was so much fun to see how many different things of the same colour we could find. I then popped our “Pink Colour Hunt” onto Instagram and realised what a fun little kids activity this is – PERFECT for a Rainy Day. As it requires NO SET UP time, you can do this Rainy Day Activity any time and any place (yes any place.. in the park you will find other things, I am sure..). So.. no set up time and plenty of time to keep the kids busy. And once you have found the rainbow.. maybe you will find a pot of gold?! See below and see if we did?

A wonderful activity for Spring, St Patrick’s Day or Summer too… especially if you do find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.. so..

This is also a great opportunity to get the kids involved in photography – why not get the kids to photograph their finds?

Join us on our Rainbow Hunt!Join us on the Rainbow Colour Hunt you may just find a pot of GOLD

You don’t HAVE to stick to the order of the rainbow (and those eagle eyed among will notice that we “did” Pink instead of Purple”.. and that we didn’t do Orange…. but we still found our pot of gold, yes we did!!).Pink Colour Hunt Photo

First up… our pink finds… LOVE how many crafty things or crafty “tools” it includes (you can check out our Cork Butterflies here and we have LOTS of Pom Pom Craft ideas for you over here!)

Red Colour Hunt Activity for Kids

Next up.. we went on a Red Hunt… (check out our little Felt Strawberry!)

Yellow Colour Hunt Rainbow Activity for Kids

Then we went on to yellow.. some lovely feathers and buttons and balloons! Yay. And of course one of our favourite little Peg People and another cork butterfly (we didn’t cheat ad add one to all our colour photos!)Green Colour Hunt Activity for Kids

Next up, we have some green! Ah yes, those Sunny Angels are simply ADORABLE, aren’t they.. and yes, the kids kept popping them back in and in and in.. but then they are adorable !! (check out how to make our Tinkerbell Clothespin here)Blue Colour Hunt Activity for Kids


Some lovely blues. Nice to see the LEGO creeping in.. and how can refuse a pretty cupcake case.

White Colour Hunt Activity for Kids


Then we had a brief white diversion – this must be the fluffy white clouds at the end of the rainbow.. surely?! We could resit some loom bands as well as adding our Mummy Duck from our 5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day.Gold Colour Hunt Activity for Kids


And then FINALLY… look look!!!! We found the POT OF GOLD! Who knew we had so many GOLDEN THINGS in our house (I confess, this was the trickiest hunt!! But we got there).

So.. what do you think.. will you join us on a colour hunt this rainy day day?! It is so quick to “set up” (i.e. zero set up) and it is lots of fun for the kids.

Remember – get the kids to TIDY AWAY one colour they have completed before moving on to the next.. that way, you keep things nice and tidy as you go along too.

Join us on the Rainbow Colour Hunt you may just find the pot of GOLD