Free Easter Lacing Cards Printables for Preschool

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Looking for cute and easy Easter Preschool Craft ideas? Try our Free Easter Lacing Cards – a free printable for you to make and enjoy! We many more fabulous Paper Easter Crafts to inspire you. Enjoy!

Easter Lacing Cards
First shared in Feb 2020

Disclaimer: these lovely free Easter Lacing Cards are sponsored by Learning Resources

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Welcome back for another wonderful free printable activity for Preschoolers. As you enjoyed our Christmas Lacing Cards so much, Learning Resources and I thought we would bring you some similarly adorable Easter Lacing Cards too. Once again, you get to explore shapes and colours, whilst also honing your child’s fine motor skills!

As metnioned, today’s printable is brought to you in collaboration with Learning Resources, a website dedicated to educational but FUN ideas for kids. We love these EASTER Lacing Cards because, not only are they CUTE (oh how we love cute), but they are great for a number of reasons –

  • you can explore basic shapes with your kids – discuss circles, rectangles and squares, as well as an egg shape
  • introduce the concept if primary and secondary colours when colouring your own
  • fabulous for fine motor skills (both when using the “colour your own” versions, as well of course the lacing itself)
  • they make wonderful keepsakes – either send them as EASTER Cards or hang them in some Easter branches OR turn them into Lacing Card garlands
  • for those short on time we have a fully coloured printable version of card (skip the colouring part if you wish!)

EASTER Lacing Cards for Kids – Materials

Easter Lacing Cards
  • our free EASTER Lacing Cards printable available over on Learning Resources
  • scissors
  • needle, knitting needle or toothpick to pre-prick lacing holes
  • glue to stick to cardboard or light cardstock
  • laces, wool in desired colours
  • colouring pens for colouring in printable and decoratingn cards

How to make your EASTER Lacing Cards Printables

These lacing cards offer crafting fun for a wide age range. So here is our suggestion on how best to do the craft according to age & skill. For all age groups, you have the choice to print your lacing cards in black and white for colouring yourself or full colour.

Also, you could for example “only” print the ornaments and hang them in your Easter branches or turn all 3 printables into a gorgeous little printable Easter garland. (PS I feel we have “neglected” the Easter Chick! So do head to our Easter Chick Craft Ideas for more!).

How to use your Easter Lacing Card printables
  1. Download and print out the templates.
  2. Cut out the shapes along the lines. If you chose the colouring in version then best to colour in first.
  3. Use your needle to prick holes into areas intended for lacing. Adjust hole size with a knitting needle or toothpick.
  4. Choose your favourite colour and start lacing.
Easter Lacing Cards - free printable bunny

Tips for younger children using these Easter Lacing Cards:

Easter Lacing Cards Coloring Pages
  1. Download and print out the templates – Colouring in version.
  2. Have your little one colour the shapes to his/her liking while exploring shapes and choices of colour. This is a great opportunity to discuss the different shapes and look at the properties of circles, rectangles, squares and egg shape. Discuss how a square has four sides and points and a circle has…? Ask lots of questions and get that little mind thinking. By choosing the “colour yourself” versions, you can also introduce the concept of primary and secondary colours. Maybe use some water colours and see what happens when you mix yellow and blue?! 
  3. Have your little one cut out the shapes or support your little one to cut out the shapes. As the shapes are very simple, this another great opportunity to support scissor handling skills.
  4. Let your little one use a plastic needle to enjoy some first time lacing.
Easter Lacing Cards - Card Making, Ornaments or Garlands

There are so many ways to use these Lacing Card Printables:

  • Use them as Easter Colouring Pages.
  • Use them as Easter ornaments and decorate your Easter tree/branches with them.
  • Place them on to cardstock and send them off as Easter cards to loved ones.
  • Use them as Lacing Cards of course!

These Easter lacing cards for sure offer the chance to craft and learn at the same time. Also it is a fantastic activity to get different generations together at the crafting table! The pieces of art created are truly a joint effort!

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