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Planning a Road Trip? Looking for some Road Trip Games & Activities to keep the kids busy and stopping them saying “are we nearly there yet”?! Well, we have a fantastic extensive list of Road Trip Games & Activities for you to browse. In addition this extensive list of ideas (including a discussion on screen time), I created these Raod Trip Game Cootie Catchers – or Road Trip Game Choosers! A coloring page AND game selector in one.

Road Trip Games

As wtih many of my prinatbles, there are different versions to suit different needs. The main “difference” being, I have one Game Cootie Catcher with the top 8 Road Trip Games already added (plus playing instructions) and I have a plain one, for you to add your own activities!

The one with the top 8 Road Trip Games includes:

These top 8 games were brought to you by our Easy Kids Crafts community on Facebook and got the top votes for games to play in the car or on the train! They need no preparation and are stood the test of time.

  1. I spy
  2. The number plate game
  3. 20 Questions
  4. The ABC Game
  5. 3 Word Stories
  6. How many will we see?
  7. I am going on a picnic/ vacation/ I am packing my suitcase
  8. Would You Rather Game

You can read more about how to play these road trip games here.

The one where you fill in your own Road Trip Games Cootie Catcher

This second printable you can use in two ways. You can either re-write the 8 cames to include YOUR favourite family Road Trip Games. Or you can use it as prompts for any of the games mentioned above.

E.g. you can turn it into a “How many will see” game? – simply add a word or a drawing of things you are likely to see on your Road Trip (traffic lights, white cars, cows, churches etc). Then play the cootie catcher and use that as the next item to guess and count.

Alternatively, draw the same items.. and use the cootie catcher as a scavenger hunt.. the is the first to sport the next item.

The Road Trip Game Cootie Catcher

road trip games
  • Download your printable (enter $0 at check out or leave a small tip!)
  • Cut the square out ahead of time
  • Get the kids to color the cootie catcher once on the road trip
  • The printable includes: folding instructions, different versions + an overvew of how to play these classis family road trip games!

These printables are free and here to help make the long car journeys and train journeys more fun! It is hosted on Gumroad for ease – simply add $0 at check out to make it a freebie.. or if you wish, leave me a small tip! Always appreciated. It all counts!!

You can see how to assemble a basic cootie catcher in this how to video:

I hope this little resource helps you this summer, especially if you are taking road trip with kids by yourself!!

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