Printable Pop Up Trophy Cards

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Oh the printable Father’s Day Crafts continue.. but today’s pop up trophy cards are NOT just for Father’s Day but for “any occassion”.

Once again, we have three printables to choose from: Father’s Day, Congratulations and a “blank card” (great for sports day?). A fun collaboration with the fantastic Mrs Mactivity!

Frist shared in May 2019

We love how this printable Pop Up Card is also a fantastic Trophy Coloring Page for kids. Keep the kids busy and “Zen” whilst colouring this fabulous cards for Father’s Day!

We have another fabulous DIY Trophy Card that you may also like:

Finished pop up throphy card with rosette (easy)

And how about these printable 3d Paper Trophies by Mrs Mactivity?

To make your printable pop up trophy card you will need:

YOUR RESOURCES: Now…. one of our printables (the basic Father’s Day) is FREE!! Yay!. The other two printables – which say “Congratulations” or the Blank version are available for $3 from Teachers Pay Teachers. You get the instructions, additional stickers and the “front cover” and inside pop up for that. So a total of 6 pages!

full set of printables

How to make a Pop Up Trophy Card with Printable

Watch the autp play video or check out the step by step instructions

Print out the desired version of your Trophy Card. Remember we have three to choose from:

Colour in your printable cards! You can use anything you want – pencils, pens, watercolours.. whatever takes your fancy.

Cut out your stickers.

Fold the pop up part of your trophy card in half and cut along the dotted lines.

Then fold out the remaining part and make a neat crease.

Reverse the crease to allow for the trophy to pop out!

Now glue the front cover of your card and the pop up half together.

Your printed pop up throphy card is finished!

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