Rock Painting Family


Save your holiday rocks and get crafty!!!! Our Rock Painting Family is actually an excerpt from my first book: Red Ted Art, Easy Crafts for kids. Which is now (sadly) out of print (sniff). But fear not.. I have a NEW Kids’ Craft book for you to check out.

I digress. Today, I would love to share our Rock Family from the book. This is “us” in the loosest sense (I don’t really have a yellow dress..), but the kids did have a stripey t-shirt and Pip Squeak does love her bunnies!

The Mum and Dad was a long term feature of the Red Ted Art header (it has now been rebranded!!), but you can still see him here:

Stones come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This craft is for those perfectly flat stones – the ones you would normal skim over the edge of a lake.

Rock Family – Materials:

  • flat stones in various sizes: one smaller flat stone for each head and one bigger or oblong stone for each body,
  • acrylic paint – we also love gloss enamels – the finish is lovely!
  • Paints – for these, we actually used acrylic paints like these – US/ UK BUT
  • we LOVE the finish you get with these enamel paints – they are an investment, but our tubs have lasted us for years! And you don’t need much paint – US / UK (affiliate links)
    Black sharpie or Posca Pen (fine) – US/ UK – again an investment, but they will last you!
  • black marker pen

Acrylic paint will a) make these stones last and b) allows you to add layer over layer. E.g. white acrylic paint can easily be added on top of black acrylic paint.

How to paint a Rock Family!

Pebble family Red Ted Art
  1. Sort your stones into possible ‘people’ combinations. A small flat triangular stone makes for an equally good head as a flat round one does.
  2. Think about what features your stones will have. Here we have a traditional family – a father in a suit, a mother in a dress, a boy in a stripy top and a girl in a pink dress.
  3. Paint your stones in layers, letting the layer dry each time before starting the next one. Begin with pink for the heads and the base colour for the clothes. Then add the next layer – e.g. the hair to the heads and the arm shape on the bodies. If you make a mistake, just paint over the mistake and start again.
  4. If you are representing anyone you know, it is fun to add little personal details – such as a child’s favourite toy bunny or a father’s favourite colour tie!
Pebble family Red Ted Art

Frame, play or display. See what happens when you swap the people’s heads around!

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