Rock Painting Vegetables

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Aaaah time for some Rock Craft fun! As I am sure you know, rock painting is still all the rage. How can you resist the smooth cool touch of a rock.

And if you like, us, have brought back a truck load of rocks from the holidays… we have a lovely Rock Painting Vegetables Craft for you today! Depending on your children’s age.. make this with or for your children! A great Garden Craft or play craft!

Easy Rock Painting - making rock planters or veggies to play with

Rock Planters & Veggie Tic Tac Toe – Materials

  • Rocks of different sizes and shapes
  • Paints – we LOVE the finish you get with these enamel paints – they are an investment, but our tubs have lasted us for years! And you don’t need much paint – US / UK (affiliate links)
  • Black sharpie or Posca Pen (fine) – US/ UK – again an investment, but they will last you!
  • Paint brush
  • If making a tic tac toe game: some sticks!
Rock planter craft for kids or adults

How to paint rocks into vegetable planters

For this particular craft, I did in fact only create the how to step by step video guide! I hope you find it useful! But in essence, I added the colours in layers and once fully dry added the outline with the black posca pen.

If you are playing tic tac toe, you will need at least 2 x 4 of one vegetable. In our case I went for carrots and aubergines!

What do you think? Are you inspired to have a go? I hope so!!

Rock Painting Vegetable uses

Use these painted rock vegetables are garden planters! Always a fun way to decorate the garden. The Gloss Enamels weather really well.

Use the painted rock vegetables as a tic tac toe game as mentioned above – we have made a tic tac toe game before – see our Bees & Ladybirds.

Use these painted rock vegetables in a toy kitchen. Though please do make sure they are of a suitable size for younger children to play with. Or that they are only play with under super vision.


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