Toilet Paper Roll Tiger Craft


Grrrrr. Time for some fun Tiger Crafts for kids!! Tiger crafts are much easier than you think and a great opportunity to explore pattern making and symmetry. Today, we will take a look at how to make a Toilet Paper Roll Tiger Craft!

Cardboard Tube Tiger

I confess.. we this little tiger has been shared on on Red Ted Art before (teehee), as part of our Cardboard Tube Cat tutorial. But with over 2000 craft projects here on Red Ted Art, I do know that things are easily missed! So I wanted to share him with you again. Especially, with the Chinese New Year of the Tiger 2022 around the corner!

Though I focus primarly on our Cardboard Tube Tiger Gift Box, I will also share some extra images of how you can make a TP Roll Tiger in different ways!

DIY Tiger Toy or DIY Tiger Gift Box?

As with so many of my crafts, the choice is YOURS! Will your TP Roll Tiger be a toy (as it was for us initially with our TP Roll Zoo) or will you make a DIY Tiger Gift Box?

The gift box would be PERFECT for any DIY Tiger Party favours or for anyone celebrating Chinese New Year and the Year of the Tiger 2022. Fill with money (a traditional Chinese New Year gift) or write some surprise fortunes for your kids and pop them inside.

Tiger Toilet Paper Craft – Materials

  • Toilet Paper Rolls or other Cardboard Tubes
  • Orange Paint
  • Black pen
  • Googly eyes & glue (optional)
  • Scissors

How to make a Toilet Paper Tiger Gift Box

This craft is mainly shown in the auto play video tutorial from a TP Roll Cat Tutorial! The tiger craft and the cat craft are essentially the same, you are just switching up the colours. I have also written out the steps for you below!

If you use a kitchen towel roll instead of a TP roll, you can make some “flaps” that close at the bottom of your TP roll kitties- perfect turning your TP Roll into a gift box. This does also with TP rolls, but you get a smaller cat/ gift box.


Begin by taking your TP Roll and painting it in your desired colour.

Let dry fully.

Making the tiger ears

Once the TP Roll is dry, you want to shape the top of your TP Roll Cat Box. Squeeze the middle of the top rim of your TP Roll. Then squeeze the other side, so it folds over the top!

Drawing the tiger's features

Take a black pen and decorate with tiger features.

Back of the TP Roll Tiger - tail

Remember to add the tiger’s tail to the back!

closure to your cardboard gift box

To make a closure at the bottom of the TP Roll Cat, you have two choices:

Either – stuff with tissue paper as a closure (it works surprisingly well!)

Or – cut four small slits into the bottom and fold over.

Finished TP Roll Tiger

Your TP Roll Tiger and Gift Box are finished!

Now you have seen our Toilet Paper Roll Tiger How to.. here are some more ways you can make this tiger craft! Choose your favourite!!

Toilet Paper Tiger

This little Toilet Paper Roll Tiger is part of our collection of “Who is Hiding” Zoo Animals. A book and craft my kids adored hwne they were little! This one you don’t “fold” the TP Roll into shape, but cut it down slightly. This guy also featured in our World Book Day Zoo Books post – complete with zoo animal friends ands easy zoo keeper for the kids to make!

another way to make TP Roll Tigers

Another way to make Cardboard Tube Tigers, is to glue on a head like, these super cute Trio over on Sunshine Whispers!

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